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5 Best Plants For Dwarf Gourami

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We personally feel that these are the 5 best plants for Dwarf Gourami's, here is why and a detailed rundown of each one to give you some suggestions.

5 Best Plants For Dwarf Gourami

The convenient part about dwarf gouramis is that they are not picky with plants. The fact of the matter is that these fish are quite individualistic when it comes to plants.

When it comes down to it, the best plants for Dwarf Gouramis are tall plants, bushier plants, and floating plants (Java Moss is our top pick). Really just anything that can make a dwarf gourami feel secure and like it is getting some privacy.

Java Moss Our top pick 9.2/10
Watersprite Ideal for larger tanks 8.4/10
Hornwort Resilient plant 8.1/10

What Type Of Plants Do Dwarf Gouramis Like?

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If there is one reason why a dwarf gourami would like a plant, it is due to hiding and stress. Dwarf gouramis like privacy from time to time, so they do like plants which they can hide within or behind, or even under.

Some Dwarf Gouramis like floating plants and mosses that they can hide under, while others like bushier plants or even mosses attached to the bottom which they can swim into or behind.

Now, Dwarf Gouramis are omnivores and they will sometimes eat softer aquarium plants which they deem tasty. However, this is a bit hit and miss because some will nibble at aquarium plants while others will not. It depends on what you are feeding them.

When buying plants for Gouramis, it’s best to stick with something fairly simply. With that being said, these fish do live in heavily vegetated environments in the wild, so you do need to have some plants in the tank.

Top 5 Plants For Dwarf Gourami

Let’s take a quick look at the 5 best plants to put in your Dwarf Gourami tank.

1. Java Moss

Java moss is probably one of the best options you can possibly go with for a dwarf gourami. For one, this stuff is very easy to plant and to grow. It is a carpeting plant, which means that you can plant a little bit on the tank floor, and it will quickly spread out to create a carpet.

It does not get particularly tall, but it does grow outwards fast. This plant has many long fern-like leaves. Kind of like a mix between grass, vines, and leaves. It’s pretty thick and dense, so it looks nice, but it is not so thick that small fish like Dwarf Gouramis cannot swim into it and hide from the rest of the tank for a while.

The beauty about java moss is that it is very resilient and can handle lots of varying tank conditions, it’s not particular picky about nutrients, light, or water conditions.

Java moss is also known to be a food source for Dwarf Gouramis, but don’t worry, they don’t like it so much that they will eat it all up, especially not at the fairly quick rate at which this stuff grows at.

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2. Watersprite

Watersprite is a beautiful and bright green plant with long stems and long flat leaves. These things can grow up to 14 inches in height, and they do grow out in width too, although not all that much.

That said, you do need a pretty big tank for this plant, or you just have to keep it trimmed down to size if you have a smaller tank. However, because it does grow pretty large, and is quite leafy, it makes for a good plant for Dwarf Gouramis because they can swim through the foliage and find a place to hide.

Watersprite is another one of those plants that is not too hard to maintain, a definite bonus. It needs medium to high light, it can handle diverse temperatures, diverse water nutrient contents, hardness levels, and overall diverse tank conditions.

One thing to keep in mind here is that you do need to plant these things well, as they do not have the strongest root systems, and on that same note, giving them some added nutrients in the water table is a good idea, as they do on occasion have a hard time getting nutrients from the substrate.

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3. Hornwort

This stuff does grow very fast and it can get very tall. It works fine for smaller tanks as long as you keep it trimmed. However, it is known as an invasive species and it will propagate on its own, this growing outwards as well as upwards.

Growing a couple feet in width, adding offshoots, and growing several feet high is not uncommon here. Growing so fast can be both a benefit and a drawback depending on what your needs are.

With that being said, this is one of the most resilient water plants out there. It can handle an extreme diverse range of water hardness, temperatures, acidity, and levels of nutrients in the water. causing this plant to die is much easier said than done.

Now, this is a plant that has long and tall stems, each which have tons of little leaves on them that can intertwine, almost to the point of looking mossy. Some dwarf Gouramis like to eat it, and all definitely like to hide within and around it.

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4. Crystalwort

What is cool about Crystalwort is that it is technically a floating plant. It is kind of a mix between a mossy plant and one with lots of little stem-like offshoots and miniature leaves. It is a floating plant, which some Gouramis really enjoy because they can hide under it and swim through it.

However, many people choose to tie it down to the bottom so it stays at the bottom of the tank. It grows at a moderate pace, but most will keep it to a maximum of 5 cm in height. The offshoots will grow towards the light, or in other words, towards the surface, so regular pruning is required.

Other than that, there is nothing special to know in terms of care here. A tank that is ideal for a dwarf gourami will also be ideal for Crystalwort. Now, this stuff doesn’t grow too tall, but when tied down, it can be a carpet plant as it does grow outwards quite a bit. In essence, it kind of looks like a loose moss puff that Gouramis can really get into and hide within.

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5. Water Lettuce

Now, this is a floating plant, one that kind of looks like a water lily, but with more leaves, more texture, and a bit more height, and of course without that pretty flower which water lilies are known for. The roots of this plant are submerged in the water, with the leaves floating on top.

The plant as a whole will grow to around 10 inches in diameter, and they are a bit difficult to keep small. So you either have to know what you are doing when you trim this plant, or just get 1 of them so it won’t take up too much surface space.

That, or you just need a big tank. With that said, water lettuce is also very resilient and easy to grow. It does not take much skill or knowledge to keep alive. Dwarf Gouramis love it because they can hide under it and take a break from the busy life of the aquarium.

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When all is said and done, these 5 plants are some of the best options to go with for a Dwarf Gourami tank. Just make sure you get something that is easy to maintain, something which they can hide in our around, and something that they might like to snack on as well.