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ADA Amazonia Review

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Our ADA Amazonia review covers everything you need to know about this particular substrate, we take a detailed look into the benefits it offers as well as the main pros and cons of using the soil for your planted tank.

ADA Amazonia Review

Finding good substrate for your aquarium can be quite the challenge no doubt. There are so many different types to choose from that it can make your head spin. Plus, each type of substrate has tons of variations, making things just that much harder.

If you are on the hunt for prime substrate then you should find this ADA Amazonia review helpful (you can also check the current price at Amazon here). This is a natural and effective for any planted aquarium that seems to come up in a lot of discussions so we decided to dedicated a post to it to cover it’s features, benefits and our pros and cons of it to help you decide if its the right option for you.

Our ADA Amazonia Review

If you have a planted aquarium and need good substrate for it, ADA Amazonia Soil is probably a substrate option you will come across. This 9 liter bag of prime substrate is all natural, filled with nutrients, and specially designed for fast, healthy, and optimal plant growth. There is more than enough substrate in a single bag for a pretty decent sized aquarium.

Yes, it can also be used in aquariums with fish, but only if you also have live plants. ADA Soil is intended for plant life, which is exactly what you should use it for.

Let’s talk about the main features and benefits which ADA Amazonia Aqua Soil brings to your planted aquarium.

Features & Benefits

You might think that ADA Amazonia Soil is just another bag of aquarium dirt, which is kind of true. Yes, it is dirt in the loosest sense of the word, but in terms of a planted aquarium, it is probably one of the best bags of dirt you can get your hands on. There are a lot of special qualities that this soil brings to your aquarium, so let’s talk about each of them in some greater detail right now.


One of the biggest and immediately recognizable benefits is the fact that it is all natural. Now, some people don’t care too much about natural versus manmade and that whole debate, but we sure do, your plants definitely care, and so should you.

The fact of the matter is that ADA Amazonia is made out of specially processed material right from the earth.

In other words, this is real soil taken straight from the ground we walk on. Yes, it has been processed in order to remove any harmful toxins or materials, but that is the extend of the processing. This soil is by no means manmade and it surely does not contain any harmful toxins, chemicals, or other additives.

Great For Roots

ADA Amazonia is substrate meant for plants, so obviously it has been specially made to help all of your aquatic plants grow big, strong, and healthy. This soil has been specially designed to feature small and even sized granules of soil. The granules are formed in order to help your aquatic plants thrive in terms of the root system.

Yes, many aquatic plants are rooted, which means they need good substrate for that root system to flourish in. ADA Amazonia features granules small enough to pack together fairly tightly, thus providing your plants and its roots with a solid base that will hold it steady and upright, allowing it to grow tall and wide without fear of damage or falling over.

At the same time, the granules are large enough to ensure that the soil is not so tightly packed that the roots cannot easily grow. In other words, this soil is specially designed for fast and healthy root growth with exceptional nutrient delivery.

No, you might not want to use this stuff for a fish-only tank, but for one with plants it is in our opinion one of the best options. It has this awesome ability to help root systems thrive, be well embedded, and still get tons of nutrients and room for growth.


Another thing that stands out about ADA Amazonia soil is that it is loaded to the brim with nutrients. A problem that is often present with other substrates is that they simply do not contain enough nutrients to support plant life for any prolonged period of time. Heck, some substrates can’t even provide aquatic plants with enough nutrients right from the get go.

We aren’t about to start listing the nutrients present in ADA Amazonia Aqua Soil, because the list is big, it’s extensive, and it would take longer than we care to spend on this. However, what you need to know is that if a nutrient is essential to healthy plant growth, it is present in ADA Amazonia. Not only is it present, but it is present in high quantities, something which other substrates simply fail to do most of the time.

Good For The Water

The next neat part about ADA Amazonia that we felt was worth mentioning is that it is specially made to create a more than habitable environment for your plants. It has this ability to lower the hardness level of the water, while at the same time lowering the pH level.

This is definitely quite beneficial when it comes to planted aquariums. Plants, for the most part, prefer water that is fairly soft and not very acidic. This soil acts as a water softener and pH adjustment tool so you can save money with those expensive and dangerous water conditioning chemicals.


  • Lowers the water hardness level.
  • Helps lower pH level.
  • Ideal consistency for optimal root system growth.
  • Contains lots of nutrients.
  • All natural.
  • 1 bag is enough for a medium size aquarium.


  • Will make the water cloudy at first.

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If you have a planted aquarium and need good substrate for optimal plant growth, ADA Amazonia Aqua Soil is in our opinion one of the top contenders. It comes with all of the features you need to help your aquatic plants grow healthy, grow fast, and grow big. If you still need some more substrate options, we have reviewed our top 6 for planted tanks over at this article.