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Aqueon Quietflow Internal Power Filter Review

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If you are considering buying the Aqueon Quietflow Internal Power filter then this review will help you, we take a very detailed look at what this filter has to offer and how good it really is.

Aqueon Quietflow Internal Power Filter Review

If you are a bit tight on space outside of your aquarium, you might be looking for a good internal filter. Internal filters can be pretty handy. Although they do take up some space inside of an aquarium, they require no clearance behind the tank and they do not need shelf space either.

Today we are here doing a Aqueon Quietflow Internal Power Filter Review. It comes in various sizes, it is quite efficient, and it gets the job done. It does have a couple of drawbacks, but overall it seems to be a fairly decent option (you can check the current price at Amazon here), let’s take a detailed look into the features, pros and cons of this particular filter.

Our Aqueon Quietflow Internal Power Filter Review

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Before we get right into talking about the features of the Aqueon Internal filter, let’s be clear that this thing comes in a few different sizes. It does have a few features which we like quite a bit, as well as a couple of things that could be improved as is the case with many aquarium filters.

Filtration Capacity

This filter actually comes in 4 different sizes. You can get a 3 gallon filter, a 10 gallon model, one for 20 gallon tanks, and one for 40 gallon tanks. Now, one thing to keep in mind here is how heavily stocked your fish tank is.

For instance, the 40 gallon Aqueon Quietflow is great for lightly stocked 40 gallon tanks, but it might not be able to handle really heavily stocked 40 gallon tanks. If your tank is heavily stocked, don’t use the 40 gallon model for any tank over 35 gallons in size.

This is a general rule of thumb that you can follow with all of the Aqueon Internal filters regardless of the size. If the tank is really heavily stocked, don’t use it for tanks quite as large as the filter advertises.

Each of these size options do come with pretty good flow rates. In other words, they can each handle around 3 times of the total amount of water that is in the tank. For instance, the 20 gallon model should be able to process around 60 gallons of water per hour. Now, this is not the best GPH flow rate ever, but it still gets the job done.

Type Of Filtration

We do like how the Aqueon Internal filter engages in all 3 major types of filtration. The 10, 20, and 40 gallon models all include mechanical, biological, and chemical filtration.

This is ideal because all of these models remove solid debris, ammonia, nitrites, other chemicals, odors, colors, and more from the water. While the media included is not exactly the best quality out there, it’s not the worst either, not by far (we have covered some good media options for planted tanks over at this here).

One thing that does come in handy here is that this filter uses easy to change media. For one, the bio-holster really does not need changing unless it is extremely dirty. In terms of the mechanical and chemical filter media here, simply replacing the cartridges is all that is required.

What you do have to know here is that the Aqueon Quietflow 3 gallon filter only comes with chemical filtration, but not mechanical or biological, which can be an issue for smaller tanks.

Size & Placing

The Aqueon Internal Power filter comes with suction cups, which makes it really easy to install. All you have to do is find a good space in your tank and mount it vertically using the included suction cups. The suction cups actually work really well to keep this filter in place, just beware that it cannot be placed horizontally.

In terms of the size, this thing is quite small, so it does not take up a lot of space, which is nice. However, you do need to consider that that this filtration unit is internal, so if you have a smaller tank, you want to be careful. Although it is fairly small, it will take up a decent amount of room in the tank no matter what. Just be sure you have enough space to spare.

Maintenance & Installation

We do like how this thing is submerged and internal for one reason, which is that it does not require manual priming. You can literally place this thing, plug it in, and it is ready to go. Maintenance and installation is fairly easy and straightforward here.


This thing is called Quietflow for a good reason, which is because it is quiet. Loud filtration units get really annoying to both people and fish, so having a filter like this that operates with barely any noise is pretty nice.


  • Works well at its job – good processing power.
  • Lots of filtration capacity (for small tanks).
  • Efficient 3 stage filtration.
  • Easy to change cartridges.
  • Does not take up too much space (in general).
  • Very quiet.


  • The 3 gallon unit only has chemical filtration media.
  • Durability is a little questionable.
  • It is internal, so it does take up some space inside of the tank.

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In case you are not a big fan of the Aqueon Filter we looked at above, or need something else, you can always take a look at these alternatives too.

For one, you could take a look at the Tetra Whisper In-Tank Filter. This thing is also designed for small tanks up to 3 gallons in size. Now, in terms of durability and taking up space inside of the tank, it is no better than the Aqueon, if not even worse.

However, the beneficial aspect of this thing is that it engages in all 3 major types of filtration including mechanical, biological, and chemical. With that being said, its overall processing power is not as good as with the Aqueon.

Another option that you can keep in mind is the MarineLand Penguin Power Filter. You can get this model in various sizes ranging from 20 gallons or less, 20 to 30 gallons, 30 to 50 gallons, and 50 to 70 gallons. Now, this thing is definitely not quiet at all, nor is it an internal filter.

This is a hang on back filter, so while it does not take up space inside of the tank, it does require clearance behind it. However, the media included is a little better, plus it has quite a bit more processing power than the Aqueon as well. It really depends on what your needs are.

We have covered a separate detailed review on the Marineland Penguin here.


Our final verdict is that the Aqueon Quietflow Filter is just fine. It’s nothing spectacular, but if you need a small filter for good 3 stage filtration, one that fits well internally, you could consider getting this one.

Yes, it does have some drawbacks including the fact that the smallest option, the 3 gallon model, lacks mechanical and biological filtration, plus it does require a bit of internal tank space, but overall, it’s a pretty slid option to keep in mind. It might not be the most durable filter in the world, but if you don’t treat it roughly, it should be fine.