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Best Air Stone For Fish Tanks: Top 5

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Need help finding the best air stone for fish tanks? we have put together our top 5 list, each reviewed in detail along with some helpful information to help you find the right option.

Best Air Stone For Fish Tanks: Top 5

Fish definitely need oxygen to breathe, but aquarium water is not always oxygenated all that well. The solution which aquarium enthusiasts use to solve this problem is the air stone. Air stones are great tools which help to increase the oxygen levels in the water. Now, there are many different kinds out there, so choosing one may be a little difficult.

We are here today, to make things easier for you by helping you find the best air stone for fish tanks that we feel are worth a mention (these ones are our top pick).

Uxcell Air Stones Our Top Pick 9.5/10
JW Sand Airstone Releases A Wall Of Bubbles 9.3/10
Pawfly Air Stone Bubble Sturdy & Durable 8.7/10

What Does An Air Stone Do For My Aquarium?

An air stone is a not a rock as the name implies. They can often be made out of some kind of mineral, but they are not actually rocks as we know them. They are stones made of very porous materials with lots of miniature holes. Air stones are connected to air pumps which pump air through them. The very porous material then diffuses the oxygen, creates really small bubbles, and saturates the water with these bubbles.

So, what is a air stone for in a fish tank?

In essence, the point of an air stone is to increase the level of oxygen in the water in order to aerate it. In other words, these stones help fish breathe much better in the water. This oxygenation also helps to create a gentle flow in the aquarium in order to get the water moving around so if you are wondering "are air stones good for aquariums?", the answer would be YES.

What We Think Is The Best Air Stone For Fish Tanks

When it comes to air stones for aquariums, this one was our top pick;

Uxcell Aquarium Fish Tank Air Stone

This air stone is a great choice to go with for smaller and medium size aquariums. It is made mostly out of mineral, so you know that it is safe to use. The Uxcell Aquarium Fish Tank Air Stone connects to most standard pumps, so there should be no issue there. This particular air stone has a diameter of 0.5 inches and a length of 1 inch. The air stone itself is blue. This is a very simple yet effective air stone to go with.

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4 Other Options We Also Like: Reviews

If for whatever reason you are not a fan of our number one choice of air stone, you can always take a look at these other 4 options.

1. JW Sand Airstone

This is a simple 1 inch air stone which you can connect to your pump and air line. Simply attach the tubing and you are good to go. This particular air stone is made of compacted sand, which is great for releasing a huge wall of bubbles that will effectively aerate your aquarium. The build of this air stone makes sure that air is evenly distributed. The extremely porous surface works wonders for aquarium aeration.

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2. Pawfly Air Stone Bubble

This particular air stone is made with very sturdy, durable, and non-toxic materials. It is perfectly safe to use in any aquarium and will provide you with a constant wall of small and tiny bubbles to aerate your aquarium. The Pawfly Air Stone Bubble can be used for aquariums up to 23.6 inches in size.

The recommended power for the air pump here is between 2 and 5 watts. These guys last for a really long time and are even washable. You do need to soak this air stone in water for around 30 minutes before using it.

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3. Pawliss Aquarium Air Stones

This is a convenient option to go with because they can connect to most standard pump sizes. Pawliss Aquarium Air Stones are made with extremely durable and long lasting materials. Also, they are non-toxic and perfectly safe to have in any aquarium. They are very simple air stones that do a fantastic job at diffusing oxygen and aerating aquariums.

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4. Mylivell Air Stone

These oxygen diffusers or air stones are fairly heavy, which means that they will stay securely in place in the water. This is a 4 pack, which is definitely quite helpful. These particular air stones are made out of totally non-toxic materials, they are durable, and they can even be washed. The Mylivell Air Stone can connect to most standard tubing with ease and it does a great job at creating a wall of bubbles to aerate your aquarium.

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Different Types Of Air Stones

There are a few different types of air stones out there, so let’s talk about each of them real quick.


There are air stones made out of compacted sand. These work just fine in terms of aeration, plus they are all natural, but they do tend to crumble and deteriorate over time.


There are many different air stones made out of various pressed or unprocessed minerals. These may not aerate the water as well as sand air stones, but they also do not crumble as quickly.


There are a few different air stones made out of porous wood like limewood. These work pretty well, but they do degrade due to water damage.


Some porous stones are used for air stones. These also work quite well, but may not have as much of an oxygenation effect as other options.


There are various air stones made of synthetic materials such as ceramic or fiberglass. These tend to be very durable and long lasting, they are often washable, they don’t degrade much under water, and they are designed for maximal oxygenation.


Some air stones are made of glass beads. Glass is not the best for creating a thick wall of bubbles, but it does last for a really long time.


Whatever your choice ends up being, all of the above options are definite top contenders for the title of the best air stone for fish tanks (these are our top pick). We would definitely recommend checking them out!