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Best Aquarium Vacuum For Sand: Top 5

If you are looking for the best aquarium vacuum for sand/substrates then this post will help, we cover our top 5 picks in detail covering features, pros, cons and the important factors to keep in mind before buying.

Best Aquarium Vacuum For Sand: Top 5

Sand is a nice substrate to have in an aquarium for various reasons. That being said, sand still needs to be cleaned of fish waste and other debris. This can be a little difficult, unless of course you have the right tools in your arsenal like a good aquarium vacuum.

Today we are here to figure out what is the best aquarium vacuum for sand (this one is our top pick), so let’s get right to it!

TERAPUMP Cleaner Our Top Pick 9.6/10
KEDSUM Cleaner Easy To Use 9.3/10
Aquarium Cleaner Kit Easy To Clean 9.3/10

What We Think Is Best Aquarium Vacuum For Sand

First let’s take a look at our top pick;

Genuine TERAPUMP Aquarium Cleaner

This is a very easy to use syphon and aquarium vacuum (you can check the current price at Amazon here). It comes with a simple hand pump for operation. All you need to do is pump it a few times to get the suction started. Once the suction gets started, it will keep going all on its own.

This particular vacuum has a special filter built right into it. This filter allows dirt and fish waster to be disposed of along with old water, while keeping all of the sand or gravel right where it is supposed to be.

This version does actually come with 2 different nozzles. One of the nozzles is ideal for simply taking water out of the aquarium and the other one is ideal for vacuuming sand and gravel. This cleaner can transfer around 1.5 gallons of water per minute, which is quite impressive in our opinion.

The TERAPUMP cleaner is made with PVC tubing, so you know that it is durable, and at the same time it is BPA free, so is also safe to use in the tank. This is a very easy to use vacuum and it also won’t hurt your fish either.


  • Very easy to use.
  • Simply pump start.
  • Siphons waste out with water.
  • Filter to allow sand and gravel to stay behind.
  • BPA free.


  • Hard to get into corners

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4 Other Options We Also Like: Reviews

Here are 4 more options that we also felt was worth a mention;

1. KEDSUM Aquarium Cleaner

The KEDSUM cleaner is a little fancier and better looking than the previous option we just looked at (you can check the current price here).

With this one you just have to shake the inner tube up and down to get the suction started. There is no pumping or sucking on tubing involved, making it a really easy to use option.

This one does come with a flow control valve. This is nifty because it allows you to increase or decrease the amount of suction and water flow while you are trying to clean the sand in your aquarium. If the suction is too high and too much sand is being sucked up, simply turn the suction down. Fish waste and other debris tends to be lighter than sand, so sucking up too much sand is not a huge issue here.

The extension tube included here is pretty convenient too because it allows you to reach 18 inches into the water without getting your hands wet. Simply insert the tube, shake it up and down, and you are ready to go.

KEDSUM Aquarium Cleaner comes in several parts, so cleaning it is also fairly easy and straightforward. This is a nice option for syphoning water, replacing water, and for vacuuming and cleaning sand too.


  • Features suction/flow control.
  • Very easy to start suction.
  • Long tube for extended reach.
  • Great for water replacement.
  • Works well for sand and gravel.
  • Easy to clean


  • May suck up some sand at times.

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2. Aquarium Gravel Cleaner Kit With Priming Bulb

Most of these aquarium sand and gravel vacuums are all fairly simple and straightforward, just like this one. It really does not get any easier to use, which is in part thanks to the priming bulb that it comes with.

This one comes with a little manual pump to help you get the suction started. All you need to do is pump the bulb a few times to get the suction started.

This cleaning kit comes with a very wide front nozzle, which allows you to get right up to the sand or gravel for easy vacuuming. This large head does help a lot, but what helps even more is the filter located on the front. This allows you to suck up all kinds of debris while leaving most of the sand exactly where it is supposed to be.

This one can also be used for simple water changes. Just pump it, get the suction going, and remove as much water as you see fit. This cleaner is easy to take apart, which makes cleaning simple and quick.

There is also the fact that this thing is made with very durable tubing that won’t break from some simple wear and tear.


  • Good for syphoning.
  • Wide front for quick action.
  • Priming bulb to get the suction started.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Durable.
  • Has a filter to separate sand from debris.


  • Drains water too quickly at times.

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3. LONDAFISH Electric Fish Tank Vacuum Cleaner

This one is electric, which means that you simply insert some batteries and flip a switch to turn the suction on. There is no pumping, sucking on tubes, or priming involved here.

We don’t always like electric tools, but when it comes to vacuuming sand and gravel, it is definitely a big help. Yeah, you will need to buy batteries, but that is no big deal. It does actually come with a charging cord.

This vacuum is ideal for sucking up all kinds of waste and fish debris. It has a fairly strong suction, which is always nice because it works fairly quickly. There is a netting or filter included at the front of the tube, which serves to keep most larger particles in the tank instead of being sucked up.

It helps most gravel and sand particles to stay exactly where they are supposed to be, but the suction is fairly strong, so it may suck up a bit of sand. This thing does come with a debris bag, which is pretty convenient if you ask us.


  • No pumping/priming required.
  • Strong suction.
  • Long hose for good reach.
  • Good for syphoning and vacuuming.
  • Great for gravel and rough sand.
  • Totally electronic.
  • Comes with a debris bag.


  • Requires batteries.
  • One charge only lasts 20 minutes.

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4. Fluval Gravel Vacuum Cleaner

This final option on our list but by no means the worst option. The Fluval Vacuum is a simple pump start model. It comes with a priming bulb that you just have to pump a couple of times to get the suction started.

This one comes with a thumb operate flow regulator. You can turn the flow up if you want to drain water quickly or you can turn it down if you want to do some gentle vacuuming.

The nozzle and tubing is made long so you can reach deep down into your aquarium without getting your hands wet. The Fluval vacuum is good for all kinds of substrate including sand and gravel.

Just turn the suction down a bit when vacuuming sand so that not too much of the sand gets sucked up along with the debris. It does come with a gravel guard to prevent clogging, but some sand might find its way through.


  • Long tubing.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Gravel guard to prevent clogging.
  • Adjustable flow rate.
  • Good for many kinds of substrate.


  • Might suck up some sand.

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Some Buying Considerations To Keep In Mind

There are a few considerations that you want to keep in mind before you go out and buy any gravel vacuum. Let’s talk about the main considerations right now.


There are different suction methods to consider. Some have a pump, some are electronic, some use gravity, and some require you to suck on the tube to create suction. It is up to you to figure out which method works best for you.

Flow Rate

You want consider the flow rate as well. A higher flow rate is good for lots of suction and quick water syphoning. However, for vacuuming sand, you might want a model that lets you turn down the suction a bit so you don’t end up sucking up too much sand.


Many modern vacuums come with a gravel filter which allows dirt and debris to be sucked up without taking gravel along for the ride. Gravel filters may work for larger sand particles, but they may let small sand particles through.


Just make sure that you get a vacuum that has enough length of tubing so you can comfortably get to the bottom of the tank without getting wet.


When it comes to the finding the right aquarium vacuum, all of the above options we looked at are definitely some of the top contenders in our opinion (this one is our top pick). Just keep in mind the main consideration and you should have no problem finding the right option.