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Best Filter For Guppies: Top 3

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Looking for the best filter for guppies and need some help? we cover our top 3 filter picks with a very detailed overview of each looking at pros, cons and more to help you decide.

Best Filter For Guppies: Top 3

Whether you have a larger or a smaller tank full of guppies, you probably want to invest some money into a filtration system for them. Now, finding the right aquarium filter can be quite the epic challenge, between all of the brand names, sizes, types, makes, and models, finding the right one for you can be extremely difficult.

However, there are of course some really good options out there that you can go with, but you have to find them first. To help make things a little easier for you, we are here today to help you find the best filter for guppies (the Marina S10 is our top pick).

Marina S10 Our Top Pick 9.6/10
Aqua Clear 20 HOB / Easy To Install 9.4/10
Aqueon QuietFlow 10 HOB / Adjustable Flow Rate 9.2/10

Do Guppies Need A Filter?

So, guppies are generally regarded as being pretty versatile, adaptive, and hardy fish, which is well and good. Yet, some people seem to think that because guppies are so resilient, that they do not require a good aquarium filter.

This is simply not true. Just like all other aquarium fish, these little guys definitely need a good filtration unit. While they can survive in water that is not the cleanest, they do of course fare much better in clean water.

A guppy tank should have a decent filtration unit that can process around 2 to 4 times the total amount of water in the tank per hour. Moreover, the filters should engage in all 3 major types of filtration.

This includes mechanical filtration for debris removal, biological filtration for the removal of ammonia, nitrates, and nitrites, and chemical filtration for the removal of other toxins, substances, odors, and discoloration. In layman’s terms, yes, your guppies need a filter to be happy and healthy.

3 Best Filters For Guppies

If you are on the hunt for the best filter for your guppy tank, you should take a look at any of the 3 options that we have reviewed below. In our opinion, these are the 3 best filters for guppies out there right now.

1. Marina S10 Slim

This is a nice little power filter that can be used for any aquarium up to 10 gallons in size. In fact, if your tank is not too heavily stocked, you could probably use this Marina Filter for tanks up to 15 gallons. It has a flow rate of around 45 gallons per hour, which means that it has more than enough processing power to clean the water in a 10 gallon tank several times per hour without a problem.

The fact that this thing comes with an adjustable flow rate can be useful when it comes to guppies, because they don’t do too well with a strong current, so if needed, you can turn it down a bit.

We do like how the Marina S10 is a hang on back filtration unit. The reason for this is because it is very easy to setup. Just hang it on the back of the tank and secure it on there with the included clips. It’s pretty easy.

Now, another reason we tend to like hang on back filters is because they do not take up much space inside of the aquarium at all. However, with that being said, while this particular filter is designed to be slim and compact, you will still need a bit of clearance behind the tank to fit this thing.

A benefit here is that the motor of this thing is submerged under water, which helps make it a little quieter than it would otherwise be. On that same note, because the motor is under water, it is also self-priming, which is quite convenient no doubt.

You do get some filter media included here, both of which are biological media cartridges. Now, you can put mechanical and chemical filtration media in this thing, quite easily too, but it does not come included here.

On a side note, there is not all that much room for media on the inside, but seeing as this filter is to be used for a small guppy tank, it should not be a big deal.


  • Quiet operation.
  • Self-priming.
  • Easy to install and maintain.
  • Includes some media – biological.
  • Has the capacity for all 3 types of filtration.
  • Does not take up room inside of the tank.
  • Long lasting motor.
  • High filtration rate.


  • Not a very durable shell.
  • Requires a fair bit of clearance in the back.
  • Could come with some more media.

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2. Aqua Clear 20

This is another good filter to go with if you have guppies. Unlike the first option which was ideal for any aquarium up to 10 gallons, this one can be used for anything up to 20 gallons. However, keep in mind that if you have a heavily stocked tank, you might not want to use the Aqua Clear 20 for anything over 16 or 18 gallons.

With that being said, this particular filtration unit can handle up to 100 gallons of water per hour. In other words, it can process the entire water volume of a 20 gallon tank up to 5 times per hour for some really clear and clean water.

One cool part here is that the Aqua Clear Filter has an adjustable flow rate, which is pretty important when it comes to guppies. Moreover, it comes with a re-filtration system. This means that when you turn the flow rate down, up to 50% of the water in the filter makes contact with the media multiple times.

So, even if you turn the flow rate down, the water should still get fairly clean and clear. This re-filtration system may not be quite as effective as the product itself advertises, but it still works better than nothing.

This is another hang on back filter option, which is always nice to see. The Aqua Clear Power Filter barely takes up any space inside of the tank, thus reserving prime real estate for your fish and plants. Also, it can be simply placed on the back rim of the aquarium and secured on with clips for easy installation.

With that being said, you will need to prime this thing, as the motor is not located below the water line. Also, this thing is a little bulky, so the rear of your aquarium will require a fair bit of clearance in order to fit this particular unit.

This thing comes with all 3 major types of filtration which helps with the removal of all kinds of debris. The media all comes included, which is nice, but the media included here is not the best, but it should do fine for a normal guppy tank.

Yet, this thing does have a massive capacity for filtration, but you do need to put some good media in it.


  • Huge capacity for media.
  • High filtration capacity.
  • High flow rate – adjustable.
  • Media is included.
  • Easy to install – hang on back.
  • Easy to maintain.
  • Decent level of durability.


  • Not very quiet.
  • Requires priming.
  • Included media is not the best quality.

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3. Aqueon Quiet Flow 10

If you need a powerful filter for a 10 gallon tank, this one might be the one for you. Now, the Quiet Flow 10 is intended for a 10 gallon tank, but it has a flow rate of 100 gallons per hour.

This means that this filter can process 10 times the water volume in a 10 gallon tank per hour, which is way more than is needed. If we dare say so, this is a bit of overkill, but it definitely ensures a clean and clear 10 gallon guppy tank. You can however turn the flow rate down, which is probably a pretty good idea for guppies.

We do like how the Aqueon Quiet Flow 10 is a hang on back filter, just like the others we have reviewed. It’s pretty convenient due to ease of installation. Being able to just clip this thing on the back of the tank is a convenient feature no doubt.

We do like how the motor is housed in a special casing that helps keep the noise level down, plus the motor is located under the surface of the water, which means that it does not need to be primed. Although this thing does not take up space inside of the tank, it does require a decent amount of clearance behind the tank.

Another beneficial feature of this particular filter is that it features 4 stage filtration. It comes with floss for debris removal, activated carbon for toxin removal, a bio-holster for ammonia and nitrate removal, and a diffuser grid for any unwanted substances that are left over. We do like how the media is included here, but with that being said, replacing it is not the easiest, nor does it last for all that long.


  • Fairly quiet.
  • No priming needed.
  • Easy to install.
  • Doesn’t take up much room inside the tank.
  • 4 stage filtration.
  • Adjustable flow rate.
  • Huge processing power.
  • Media is included.


  • Included media needs to be changed quite often.
  • Needs a good deal of clearance behind the tank.
  • Durability is slightly questionably.

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At the end of the day, all 3 of the above options we have reviewed are what we consider to the best filters for guppies (the Marina S10 being our top pick). In all fairness, they are quite similar, with only a few minor differences between them. They all get the job done, and they all only have a couple of minor drawbacks.