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Best Floating Aquarium Plants: Top 6 Reviews

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We have reviewed 6 of the best floating aquarium plants that feel are worth a mention and why we think they are great for aquariums.

Best Floating Aquarium Plants: Top 6 Reviews

If you have an aquarium chances are that you probably have some plants in there. Sure, we all know that plants make a good addition to any aquarium, but we are going to guess that most people only used plants that are grounded in the substrate or grow off of the rocks and wood in your aquarium. What you may not know is that there are also floating plants that you can put in your aquarium but what are the best floating aquarium plants? Let's look at our top 6 and why we like them.

Water Lettuce Beautiful and Algae control 9.5/10
Amazon Frogbits Helps provide shade for fish 9.2/10
Water Spangles Help to stop algae blooms 8.8/10
Floating Moss Cool tank decoration 8.3/10

4 Reasons Why Floating Plants Are Great For Your Aquarium

There are a few different reasons as to why you should try getting some floating freshwater aquarium plants in your fish tank.

  1. Many different fish like to use plants as a playground or a place to hide. There are many different species of fish that just love to be in and around plants. Also, these plants can make for good cover from the sunlight for various types of fish. (These plants are good for providing cover).
  2. Floating plants can act as a base for good bacteria to grow on, bacteria which helps filter out your water and kill off harmful microorganisms. Moreover, the plants themselves do a fairly good job at filtering out the water as well.
  3. Floating plants can live virtually anywhere in your fish tank. They are very easy to grow, they are easy to maintain, and best of all, they are pretty cheap too.
  4. Floating plants can also act as a food source for many different herbivorous and omnivorous fish.

What We Think Are The Best Floating Aquarium Plants

After some research we found this to be one of the better options in our opinion out of the floating plants for aquariums we researched;

Aquarium Floating Plants Package

This is a great package of aquarium floating plants that comes with 12 Amazon Frogbit, 12 Dwarf Water Lettuce, and 12 Water Spangles (You can buy the package at Amazon here). They are all very beautiful and make a nice addition to any fish tank. These are very convenient plants to go with because they are free floating and require no substrate, they don’t need any carbon dioxide, and they don’t need much maintenance.

These are fresh water plants that will not survive in salt water, plus they do need a special light for floating aquatic plants if you plan on having them indoors. These things do a great job at filtering your fish tank, they add some beauty, and they can be a good source of food for herbivorous fish too.

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5 Other Great Floating Aquarium Plants

In case you aren’t a big fan of our number one choice, here are a few other floating aquarium plant choices that you can go with.

1. Water Lettuce

A few good pieces of water lettuce can make all of the difference in your fish tank. These things are really beautiful and they almost look like water lilies because of the way that they float on the top of the water. Water Lettuce is a good choice to go with because it helps to turn carbon dioxide into oxygen, thus helping to oxygenate the water so your fish can breather.

Moreover, water lettuce also serves as a decent bio-filter and helps to get rid of unwanted compounds in the water so your fish tank water can remain clean and your fish can stay healthy. This stuff is also great for algae control because it absorbs nutrients that would otherwise be used to fuel algae growth. (More on removing Algae here).

These things are very simple to maintain and simply need to be placed in your pond or fish tank in order to thrive. To help them grow as fast as possible they do need to be exposed to a lot of sunlight, but they also help produce a little bit of shade for your fish too, something that is especially ideal for outdoor ponds.

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2. Amazon Frogbits

Amazon Frogbits are more or less a cluster of floating leaves. They are green and circular in shape. These are some really nifty plants to have in bright indoor aquariums or in sunny outdoor aquariums because the way they float on top of the water helps to provide shade for your fish.

Moreover, the way they are shaped helps to provide some cover for fish fry and other small critters, plus they are especially ideal for crayfish tanks. Not only are these floating plants very beautiful and help provide cover, but they also do a great job at controlling nitrate levels in the water as well.

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3. Duckweed

Duckweed is a great floating aquarium plant option to go with if you have a bunch of Koi fish or various other herbivorous fish. This floating plant is very rich in nutrients and many fish seem to love the taste of it, which means that it can act as a pretty decent food source.

Duckweed is also a very hardy plant in the sense that it can handle many different water conditions, it is not too picky in terms of temperature, and it does not need very much lighting either. We also like this floating plant because it helps produce some cover from the elements, which makes it a good option for both indoor and outdoor plants.

Plus it also acts as a decent bio-filter too, not to mention that it is a good place for healthy bacteria to grow as well. Another thing that makes this plant ideal for most aquariums is because it divides itself and can multiply on its own.

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4. Water Spangles

Water spangles are yet another beautiful floating aquarium plant choice to consider, and this particular order comes with 12 spangles, each which can have up to 6 leaves. These things are pretty hardy and can handle quite a wide variety of water conditions, but what does need to be said is that if you keep them indoors you will need a special aquatic plant light.

They make for really great cover for fish who aren’t too fond of the sunlight, plus they make for a decent food source for herbivores and omnivores too. These things do feed off of the nutrients in the water, so they do help to stop algae blooms, not to mention that they work as a half-decent bio-filter too. Of course one of the main benefits of water spangles is that they do not need any substrate.

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5. Floating Moss

This version of floating moss makes for a great decorative piece for any fish tank or outdoor pond. Unfortunately, aside from its aesthetic appeal, this is a plastic plant so its benefits are quite limited. On the other hand, it does help to provide some shade for your fish (we have covered more artificial plants on this post).

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There are many different types of floating plants that you can get for your aquarium and they all serve some good purposes. A good look, clean water, a food source for your fish, and cover from the sun are all things that make a floating aquarium plant worth getting. We have covered some options for turtles on this post.