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Best Food For Silver Arowana Fish

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We cover what we feel are the 5 best food options for Silver Arowana fish, each covered in detail along with diet information and some general feeding tips so your fish stay healthy and happy.

Best Food For Silver Arowana Fish

Silver Arowana are some big, predatory, and very boisterous fish. Rest assured folks, if you have limited funds, are a beginner, and don’t want to put too much work into fish keeping, the Silver Arowana is not right for you.

However, if you like these fish and like the challenge of keeping them, you do need to know how to feed them. So, today we are here to talk about feeding these guys, as well, we have some reviews of the best food for Silver Arowana fish.

Here Are Our Top 5 Picks

  1. Hikari Tropical Food Sticks
  2. Freeze Dried Shrimp
  3. Freeze Dried Krill
  4. Premium Dried Mealworms
  5. Freeze Dried Blood Worms

The Best Food For Silver Arowana Fish

Silver Arowanas definitely need a lot of really high quality food to be happy and healthy. These guys are predatory, they like their meat, and they need you to feed it to them. Let’s take a closer look at some good food options for Silver Arowana fish.

1. Hikari Tropical Food Sticks

These food sticks courtesy of Hikari are a fantastic choice of food for your Silver Arowana. These sticks are made with all natural ingredients that come straight from nature. Without any preservatives or manmade chemicals, as far as we are concerned, these food sticks are a great option for Silver Arowana’s.

They are packed to the brim with protein and other nutrients needed for the healthy development and survival of these particular fish. This particular food consists of a minimum of 40% protein, with a good mix of healthy fats and a variety of vitamins too. In other words, Hikari Tropical Food Sticks are designed to provide your fish with a totally nutritionally balanced diet.

Silver Arowana are carnivorous and this food is definitely ideal for them. Many people like how there is a lot of protein in this food without the need for live animals. Live foods can contain parasties which can cause illness in fish.

Hikari Tropical Food Sticks have all of the benefits of live food with none of the drawbacks, such as those parasites. These food sticks are also shown to increase the vibrant coloration of fish, as well as to increase the efficiency of the immune system.

2. Omega One Freeze Dried Shrimp

Omega One Freeze Dried Shrimp are another really good choice of food for your Silver Arowana. One thing that can be said here is that this food is definitely natural, chemical free, and safe to consume. They are literally just freeze dried shrimp with nothing else. Do not mistake these for brine shrimp, because those are for small fish.

These are full sized shrimp and Silver Arowana are known to love them. The fact that this food is freeze dried is also a bonus because it does not contain any harmful bacteria or parasites. What is pretty cool is that Omega One Freeze Dried Shrimp can be fed to both marine and freshwater fish.

When it comes to having a lot of protein and nutrients, you will be hard pressed to find something better than this. Shrimp have a whole lot of protein in them, making them a perfect feeding choice.

Also, Silver Arowana are shown to love this food, really liking the taste of it, thus spurring on picky eaters to take some bites. These Dried Shrimp are also rich in vitamins and minerals which help to increase bright colors and help the immune system too.

3. San Francisco Bay Brand Freeze Dried Krill

Yet another food option for Silver Arowana, these Freeze Dried Krill are loaded with protein, vitamins, and minerals. Yes, your fish will love the taste of this stuff, which goes for both freshwater and marine fish.

What we really like about this particular food is that it contains a whole lot of Omega-3'S And Astaxanthin, both substances which help to maintain good health, help with bright colors, and assist the immune system too. These krill make for a perfect meal and an even better snack, which is mainly due to their extremely high level of protein.

Yes, that is right, you can use these Freeze Dried Krill for a full meal no problem. In terms of the amount of vitamins and minerals, you really can’t go wrong with San Francisco Bay Brand Freeze Dried Krill.

One of the aspects of this food that we really like is that it is shown to cause fish to have a lot more energy and be much more active than they otherwise would. Of course, we do also like how these things are freeze dried, which means that there is no risk of your Silver Arowana contracting any food-borne parasites and illnesses.

4. Tasty Bug Treats Mealworms

Silver Arowana are quite well known for their taste for mealworms. They really seem to like these littler critters for a quick meal. Now, you can’t really feed your fish only mealworms, but they definitely make for a really good snack, one that is high in protein and minerals.

Mealworms do not have too many vitamins in them, so you do need to feed your Silver Arowana some other foods with vitamins. However, the amount of protein and essential oils present in these mealworms is out of this world.

They have more than enough to provide your Silver Arowana with all the protein and oils needed for a healthy life. These Tasty Bug Treats Mealworms will definitely provide your fish with a whole lot of energy and vigor.

We personally like these things because they have an 18 month shelf life, so they won’t be going bad any time soon after you buy them. There is also the fact that they cost a fraction of the price of life mealworms, and have a much lower chance of carrying parasites due to the drying process.

5. Hikari Bio-Pure Freeze Dried Blood Worms

Yet another good option to go with these freeze dried blood worms from Hikari make for a great meal substitute and for a treat too. In terms of vitamins and minerals, these blood worms do have more of them than the mealworms we looked at before. In fact, these blood worms are extremely rich in many different vitamins, making them a pretty good choice for a full meal.

Of course, seeing as they are creatures of flesh, they also contain a whole lot of protein which your Silver Arowana needs to survive. All in all, in terms of nutrients, Hikari Bio-Pure Freeze Dried Blood Worms are definitely top notch.

The freeze drying process which these blood worms have gone through helps to kill off bacteria and parasites present in live foods, meaning that these things are perfectly safe for your fish to eat.

Besides that, fish who eat Hikari Bio-Pure Freeze Dried Blood Worms regularly are very colorful, energetic, and generally healthy. We also like how this food does not cloud up aquarium water, which is something that happens with many other fish foods. Oh, and the ratcheting dispenser makes feeding time quick and easy.

Silver Arowana Fish Diet

Like we said before, Silver Arowana are extremely predatory and will eat virtually anything that they can get their mouths around. That being said, they are carnivorous, so whatever they go after is always going to be something alive or something that has recently died. In other words, Silver Arowana really love their protein.

In the wild, they love to chow down on smaller fish, as the Silver Arowana can grow to several feet in length, with some pretty powerful jaws. They also like to eat insects and other small creatures.

As long as it has blood in its veins and a heart to pump that blood, chances are that the Silver Arowana will eat it. Heck, in the wild, these guys will eat fish, birds, spiders, frogs, snakes, and everything in between.

What To Do If Your Silver Arowana Is Not Eating

Silver Arowana are usually not very picky eaters, but some of them are, kind of like children. Honestly, you should not have too much difficulty getting your Silver Arowana to eat as long as you have the right food.

Yes, not all of them like the same foods, so you might have to mix things up a little bit. For instance, you could try getting 2, 3, or even 4 of the foods we talked about above and alternate between them.

These fish are very predatory and they do like live foods, so the problem might lie in the dead food you are giving it. Silver Arowana love to engage in the chase, so live foods might really get them going.

Feeding them some feeder goldfish or other small fish might help too. The key to remember here is that you might have to resort to live food to really get these big fish to eat right.


At the end of the day, all of the above foods make for good choices, but remember, Silver Arowana like to hunt, so some live fish or insects will definitely make them more motivated to eat.