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10 Best Gifts For Aquarium Enthusiasts

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Need some ideas? we cover 10 of the best gifts for aquarium enthusiasts that we felt are worth a mention, we also look at some of the best ways of getting gift ideas for your friends and family.

10 Best Gifts For Aquarium Enthusiasts

People who love aquariums usually really love them in a big way. Hey, there is nothing wrong with being an aquarium enthusiast at all. Fish are fun to watch, it’s nice taking care of them, they make good pets, and so much more. There are a whole lot of different things that you could get for an aquarium enthusiast, so many that it can make it hard to choose something.

There are t-shirts, DVDs, aquarium tools, fish, and so many other options to choose from that it might just make your head spin. Choosing gifts for people can be pretty hard no doubt (this is our top pick), but we do have some good ideas right here.

These Are Our Favourite 3 Picks

  1. Marina LED Aquarium Kit
  2. LED Fantasy Jellyfish Lamp
  3. Docooler USB Desktop Mini Fish Tank

We want to go over some of the best gifts for aquarium enthusiasts right here and right now. If you know someone that really likes aquariums, at least one of these gifts should be a home run.

Top 10 Gifts For Aquarium Enthusiasts

When it comes to gifts for people who love aquariums, there is a lot to think about. Do they need cleaning tools? Does their aquarium need more fish? Does a T-shirt sound right? At any rate, to give you some idea of the kinds of gifts for fish keepers that are out there, take a closer look at the 10 items we have reviewed below, each of which might just be a big hit.

1. USB Desktop Mini Fish Tank

This is a really neat little mini fish tank for a desk (you can check the current price here). It could work well for a home desk or for the office too. It is just a really small 1.5 gallon fish tank, making it a perfect size for a small work area that doesn’t have too much space to spare.

You might not be able to fit too many fish into it, maybe a smaller Betta fish, but it definitely looks cool. It features an LED light to keep everything lit, plus a little water pump too. On a side note, it does not come with a filtration unit.

However, what is really cool here is that the USB Desktop Mini Fish Tank comes with an LED alarm clock and calendar. At the same time, it also features a little dual compartment organizer for pens and that kind of stuff.

This thing also comes with some colorful substrate and a fake plant too. It might not be a real and full sized functional aquarium, but it tells the time, the date, it holds office equipment, and it can hold a little fish too. It’s definitely a really cool gift for any aquarium lover.

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2. Fantasy Jellyfish Lamp

If you know that somebody likes lava lamps, aquariums, and jellyfish, this might just be the perfect present for them (you can check the current price here). It is a really simple gift, but it looks really nice no doubt.

It is more or less a lava lamp, but instead of lava, there are colorful synthetic jelly fish swimming around. It makes for a nice thing to have in the office or a cool bedroom lamp too. From our experience, the kids are the ones who like this Fantasy Jellyfish Lamp the most.

Just plug it in, turn it on, and watch as the jellyfish swim around quietly. This thing features many different colors which the jellyfish turn to, plus it is actually totally silent, which is a big bonus if you are getting it to put in someone’s bedroom.

The colors will change on their own or you can select a color too. This gift is really simple, but it definitely gets the job done.

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3. Marina LED Aquarium Kit

This is a good gift for any aquarium enthusiast that needs a new tank, wants a small tank, or just needs an addition to their current setup. The Marina LED Aquarium Kit is nothing overly fancy, but it’s a good way to teach kids or anybody else how to have fish at home.

With this kit you get a beautiful 20 gallon tank, a small filter with quick change cartridges, LED lighting, aquarium softeners, a net, and some other small things too.

Yes, whoever you get this for will still need to get the fish, plants, substrate, and other such items, but it definitely makes for a really good starter kit.

It’s good for one larger fish or a few smaller one, and the small size of this aquarium makes it perfect for most rooms in any home. It might not be the best gift for anyone who has never owned fish, but then again, everybody has to start somewhere.

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4. The Aquarium DVD

Most people like watching movies. It’s a good way to relax, eat some snacks, and enjoy a day. Now, if somebody likes fish and aquariums, plus watching movies too, chances are that they are going to love an Aquarium DVD. To be fair, this is not as much a movie as it is a living screensaver for your computer or TV (you can check it out here).

It features tons of shots of different aquariums, different fish, and their silent but majestic lives. More or less, this is a high definition video of real life fish that you can watch all day long.

It makes for a good gift for aquarium lovers, plus it might make for a soothing sleep aid for children too. It’s nothing over special or fancy, but pretty neat none the less.

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5. Aquarium T-Shirt

Clothes can be a hard gift to get sometimes, especially if you are unsure of the size of the person or what they like. Luckily, T-shirts are pretty hard to get wrong in terms of sizing, so that really should not be a problem here.

It’s a good gift for somebody that loves aquariums, loves talking about them, and knows it too. It might not be the best present for anybody that is sensitive to humor, but for anybody else, it makes for a perfect gift.

People love clothes, some people love fish, and many will love this particular aquarium T-shirt. It’s nothing overly special, but it’s funny and makes for a good quick gift idea too.

6. Freshwater Aquarium Book

This freshwater aquarium book is another great gift idea for many different people. If you somebody that loves their freshwater fish tanks, this book might just be right for them.

It comes with a whole lot of interesting information, crucial facts about freshwater fish, and lots of nice pictures too. It actually makes for a really good read. It is both a book for learning and fun.

It also makes a great gift for anybody who has never had a freshwater aquarium, but really wants to get one. It’s a good guide book for beginners who don’t know all that much on the topic yet.

It might even make a good gift for anybody who just likes to read. Somebody doesn’t necessarily have to own an aquarium to like reading this book. Learning new things can be fun just for the sake of learning.

7. Aquarium Tool Set

If you know somebody that has an aquarium and could really use some more tools for it, this particular aquarium tool set might just make for the perfect gift. It is nothing overly special or fancy, but it will help anybody maintain their aquarium.

The particular tools here include straight tweezers, curved tweezers, straight scissors, curved scissors, and spatula.

It’s a good option for maintaining and cleaning substrate, for moving rocks and decorations around, and for snipping and trimming plants too.

No, there are not a whole lot of tools included here, but that is exactly what makes it a good small gift. All of the tools are housed in a nice little pouch so nobody will lose them, at least not purposely!

8. Aquarium Plant Set

Do you know somebody with an aquarium? Do you know somebody that has an aquarium with lots of fake plants? Or maybe you know somebody whose aquarium plants died or someone who has fish that live in a tank without plants.

Maybe you know somebody who just wants a really nice planted tank. Whatever the case may be, they will probably love this aquarium plant set that features 10 different live plants.

With this particular plant set, you get an Amazon sword plant, Anacharis, Cryptocoryne Wendtii Bronze, Red Ludwigia, Moneywort, Hornwort, Red Flame, and more.

These are all some of the most beautiful and easy to care for aquarium plants around, making it a good set for beginners and experts alike. This kit can actually fill up an aquarium real fast.

9. Magnetic Fish Tank Cleaner

If you know somebody with a nice aquarium, but a dirty aquarium that doesn’t see much maintenance or cleaning, this magnetic fish tank cleaner makes for a good choice.

Maybe the person you know just does not have the necessary tools for aquarium cleaning. At any rate, this magnetic algae scrubber is a good gift idea for anybody with an aquarium.

Aquariums are often home to algae which needs to be cleaned, especially off of interior tank walls. This little scrubber will float in the water if dropped, it features a really strong magnet for ultimate algae cleaning power, and it has a really ergonomic handle too.

10. Automatic Fish Feeder

If you know somebody that has fish, but is really busy and not always at home, this automatic fish feeder might be right for them. Yes, people with pets should try to be home to feed them when it counts, but we humans live really busy lives so this is not always possible.

The point is that you can’t always be there to feed your fish on time, which makes this automatic fish feeder a great idea. What is really impressive is that this thing can keep fish fed for up to 6 weeks, it can be programmed to release a certain amount of food at a certain time, it’s easy to use, and fairly durable too.

It’s not the biggest auto feeder in the world, but it’s a good option for anybody with a small aquarium who tends to go away for days at a time.

How To Get Gift Ideas For An Aquarist

We all know that choosing the right gifts can be a downright nightmare. Getting to know people well enough to get them an awesome gift is easier said than done, but it is definitely doable. At any rate, it does make it easier if you know that the person loves aquariums. However, now you need to figure out what kind of aquarium related gift they would like or appreciate the most. How do you get gift ideas for an aquarium enthusiast?

  • If you are good at subtlety, you could always ask the person for ideas. Now, try not to make it obvious. Maybe you could wait for them to bring up their aquarium and then find out what they are missing. Aquarists always need more things, so if the topic comes up, chances are you won’t have to push too hard to find out.

  • You can always take a little peak at the aquarium to see what is needed. If you are knowledgeable about fish tanks, even slightly, you will probably see what things they need and what they don’t. Is the tank bare? Well then it could probably use some plants. Is the tank dirty? Well then it could use some cleaning tools. Does the tank have everything it needs? If so, a DVD, book, or piece of clothing might be best.

  • Do a bit of research on aquariums and gather ideas of what the most important and most needed things are. It might hard for you to find out what items the gift receiver is missing, but it is always a good start.

  • Try and pay attention to the aquarium lover a good while before gift giving time comes along. People who like aquariums like talking about them, so if you listen hard enough, they will probably drop some hints.

  • Go to your local aquarium store and ask the employees there. There is usually nobody better to ask about aquarium gift ideas than people who work with these creatures every single day. On a side note, go find an employee that is not just trying to sell you the most expensive item in the store because that person could not care less about you.

  • Just find out what the person’s interests are. If they love movies, get them a movie. If they love books, give them a good read, and so on and so forth.


We all know that choosing gifts can be really hard, and no, you might not always hit a home run with the gift you buy, but it’s always worth a shot. If you know somebody that loves aquariums, you may as well go for an aquarium related gift.