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Best Terrarium For Crested Geckos

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We cover our top 5 picks that we feel qualify as top contenders for the title of best terrarium for crested geckos, we review each in detail covering features, pros, cons and some essentials to keep in mind when buying one.

Best Terrarium For Crested Geckos

So, are you on the hunt for a new terrarium for your crested gecko? That is what we are here for today, to look at some options, all of which we feel are top 5 contenders for the title of the best terrarium for crested geckos.

We have picked out 5 terrariums that we feel are the top contenders for Geckos (this is our top pick). Each of them is a little different, but each is also an ideal choice in their own right. So, let’s take a look at our 5 picks right now starting with our top pick.

Exo Terra Glass Nano Our Top Pick 9.6/10
Zoo Med ReptiBreeze Easy Access 9.3/10
Zilla Tropical Starter Kit Good starter kit 9.3/10

What We Think Is The Best Terrarium For Crested Geckos

Let’s first take a detailed look at our top pick;

Exo Terra Glass Natural Terrarium

This particular terrarium is a small nano terrarium, one that comes in at 8 x 8 x 12 Inches, making it ideal for a single crested gecko. Let’s take a look at some of the features of the Exo Terra Glass Natural Terrarium.


The Exo Terra Terrarium is built tall, as can be seen by the dimensions. Crested geckos like vertical climbing space, so being able to fit some sticks and other things for vertical climbing is a big bonus here.

You can easily fit some plant life that your gecko will love. Admittedly, it is not the largest tank, so large geckos might be a tight fit, not to mention multiple geckos. However, it is a space saver of a terrarium, one that can fit virtually anywhere in your home (you can see more info and pricing at Amazon here).

This thing is made out of glass, which makes for a solid build and a really nice look too. To make sure that your gecko cannot escape, the top has a mesh screen, plus the door is a specially patented locking escape proof door. Crested geckos can be escape artists, but the Exo Terrarium should keep them in no problem. The front window is also ideal for providing your pet with some ventilation.

This terrarium does come with closable inlets for wires and tubing, for things like substrate heaters and misting tools. This particular terrarium features a waterproof bottom so that water does not leak out and damage surfaces and electronics.

Geckos need a fair bit of misting, so this is important. At the same time, this terrarium also comes with a substrate heating system to keep your crested geckos warm and toasty.


  • Good ventilation.
  • Escape proof locking door.
  • Good size for 1 small gecko.
  • Good for vertical climbing.
  • Inlets for wires and tubing.
  • Substrate heating capability.


  • Not the most durable.
  • Very small.

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4 Other Gecko Terrariums We Also Like: Reviews

In any case you did not feel our top pick was right for you, we have also cover another 4 terrariums that we also felt was worth a mention for different reasons, so let’s take a closer look at them;

1. Zoo Med ReptiBreeze Open Air Screen Cage

Unlike the previous option which was a glass terrarium, this particular one is an open air screen cage, with the whole thing being made of a fairly durable screen instead of glass. This is an option that many people like, so let’s take a closer look at the Zoo Med ReptiBreeze Cage right now.


This is an open air screen cage, which comes with the added bonus of good ventilation. There are no solid glass panels like in a glass terrarium, so airflow is definitely not an issue with the Zoo Med Cage. Don’t get it wrong because this is nothing fancy, but many people prefer this kind of screen option due to a more natural look.

This comes in at 16 x 16 x 30 inches, making it a fairly large terrarium for your crested gecko. It is more than large enough to fit 2 of them with ease. It will take up a bit of space in your home, but it does have room for 1 large or 2 smaller geckos. It is built tall, so you can add lots of sticks and plants for vertical climbing, something which geckos love to do.

The Zoo Med has an easy access front door so you can easily get to your gecko and clean out the space when needed. At the same time, the bottom of this cage has a drawer meant to make it easy to change the substrate. Substrate does get dirty, so this is quite a convenient aspect no doubt.

The cage itself is made out of specially treated anodized aluminum mesh. This mesh is fairly durable, it is resistant to many forms of degradation, and it does look pretty nice too. It definitely won’t corrode, which is a pretty big deal when it comes to this kind of thing.

The bottom also comes with a reinforced plastic sheet to make sure that the Zoo Med ReptiBreeze can take the weight of your gecko and all of the items on the interior of the cage.


  • Corrosion resistant anodized aluminum mesh.
  • Easy to access – large front door.
  • Easy to change the substrate.
  • Good for ventilation.
  • Large enough for 2 geckos.
  • Good for vertical climbing space.


  • Screen obstructs the view a little.
  • Not as durable as glass.

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2. Zilla Tropical Reptile Vertical Starter Kit

This is another smaller option to go with, one that is ideal for starters as it comes with quite a few nifty features and accessories. Let’s take a closer look at the Zilla Tropical Reptile Vertical Starter Kit and what makes it such an ideal choice.


The Zilla Tropical Reptile Vertical Starter Kit comes in at 12 x 12 x 18 inches, making it an ideal size for a small crested gecko. One thing that we can say is that this terrarium is definitely a space saver as it can fit mostly anywhere in any home. This thing is taller than it is wide, which is not only good for saving space, but also for your crested gecko. These little guys love to climb, so having a fair bit of vertical clearance is great.

The Zilla Tropical Kit is made with durable glass and has solid seams, something which we definitely appreciate. In terms of security, the front door has a hinge for easy opening and access to the interior, plus it has a latch for locking. Your gecko definitely should not be escaping this terrarium. Also, the top lid is hinged and lockable for even easier access to the interior and for security too.

The bottom of the tank is specially designed to hold up to 5 inches of water in case your gecko needs it. You usually would not give a gecko a big water pool, but it is definitely a possibility with this kit. One of the cool things here is that this terrarium comes with mostly everything you need to get started, well, excluding the lizard itself of course.

The Zilla Tropical Kit comes with a humidity and temperature gauge so you can maintain a comfortable environment for your little pet. It also comes with a textured background for a nice homely look, plus it even comes with some coconut husk bedding included as well. Even better is that you also get a mini halogen dome and a special halogen light bulb so your crested gecko can get some sun and stay warm at all times.

Heck, you even get a little feeding dish too. All in all, if you need a good starter kit with everything included to house your crested gecko, the Zilla Tropical Reptile Starter Kit is a great option in our opinion (you can see more info and pricing here).


  • Durable glass build.
  • Locking front door for easy access and security.
  • Hinged top for easy access.
  • Halogen light and dome included.
  • Can hold 5 inches of water in the bottom.
  • Feeding dish, temp gauge, and substrate included.
  • Ideal size for a small gecko.
  • Fairly space friendly.
  • Good for vertical climbing.


  • Not ideal for larger lizards.
  • Light bulb is not very long lasting .
  • Door hinge is a little flimsy.

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3. Zilla Reptile Starter Kit 10

This particular terrarium for is another good all inclusive starter kit to go with if you need a home for your crested gecko. The Zilla Reptile Starter Kit is a little different from the starter kit we just looked at before, but it is still a great option in its own right.

Let’s take a closer look at the Zilla Starter Kit right now to see what it’s all about.


The Zilla Kit is a very simple tank in all fairness. It is made with 4 durable glass walls and comes with a removable lid. It does not have any doors like the other options we have looked at so far, which can make accessing the interior, changing substrate, and cleaning the terrarium a little more difficult than it has to be.

However the top lid does come off and provide you with access to the inside, just from the top instead of the front. We suppose that one good thing about not having any doors is that it limits the escape routes for your crested gecko. Also, the top is a screen for some good airflow and ventilation.

A good thing about the lid of the Zilla tank is that it does come with a light and heat dome included. Geckos need both light and heat provided to them, so this is pretty convenient.

It is not the most durable or expensive of lighting and heat domes, but it will definitely do the job for many months to come. This kit does come with a special bottom liner which helps to get rid of odors, plus it is non-abrasive too.

This thing also comes with a matt heater to make sure that the bottom of the tank is nice and warm. Also included is a temperature and humidity gauge so you can maintain a comfortable environment for your crested gecko at all times.


  • Durable glass build.
  • Light included.
  • Heating system included.
  • Temperature and humidity gauge included.
  • Airflow mesh screen lid.
  • Non-abrasive and odor fighting bottom liner.
  • Big enough for 1 medium or 2 small geckos.


  • Not designed for vertical climbing.
  • Requires a fair bit of shelf space.
  • Light is not the most durable.

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4. Zoo Med Laboratories Naturalistic Terrarium

This is a very simple terrarium, one with enough room for a small crested gecko, plus it is durable and looks nice too. It might not come with the most features or accessories, but it is a good option none the less.

Let’s take a closer look at the Zoo Med Terrarium right now.


Like we said, the Zoo Med Terrarium is one of the simpler options on this list. It comes in at 12 x 12 x 18 inches, making it an ideal size for one crested gecko. It does have quite a bit of vertical space, which is great because it will allow your gecko to do lots of climbing.

This Terrarium is made out of glass, durable glass, which makes it looks very nice. It offers a nice view to the interior of the terrarium. The front of this terrarium has a hinged and locking door. This helps make sure that your gecko does not escape. At the same time, it also helps provide you with easy access to the interior of the terrarium.

The top of this Terrarium features a screen, which is great for providing some airflow and for keeping insects on the inside. The bottom on the front of the tank also has some holes for ventilation.

The top screen is compatible with a few different types of lighting, which is always convenient when it comes to geckos. This model does also come with some slots for inline tubing and power cords.


  • Good size for 1 small gecko.
  • Stainless steel mesh top for ventilation.
  • Top is compatible with various light fixtures.
  • Fairly space friendly.
  • Good for vertical climbing.


  • Does not include substrate, a light, heating, or any other accessories.

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Things To Keep In Mind When Buying A Terrarium For Crested Geckos

There are a few things that you definitely want to keep in mind before buying a terrarium for crested geckos, so let’s talk about those factors real quick.

  • You want to get a tall terrarium because crested geckos love to climb. Vertical clearance is a big deal here.

  • You will need a terrarium that is around 5 gallons in total size. 2 or 3 gallons might do fine too, but 5 gallons is the ideal here.

  • Make sure to get a terrarium with a hinged door for easy access to the inside. The door should be able to lock securely because crested geckos are known for jumping and escaping.

  • Make sure to get a temperature and humidity gauge because geckos need a specific level of both.

  • You will to get some kind of lighting accessory, something to produce heat, and something to produce occasional mist.


When it comes to the best terrarium for geckos, all of the above options are top contenders in our opinion (the Exo Terra is our top pick). Just keep in mind the factors we talked about and you will have no problem choosing the one that is right for you and your crested gecko.