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Betta Fish Toys: Top 10 Best

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We cover our top 10 betta fish toys that will help keep them entertained and happy, nobody wants a bored fish!

Betta Fish Toys: Top 10 Best

You really can’t go wrong with a betta fish because they are beautiful, they are fun to watch, and fish are just awesome pets in general. That being said, there are some things which a betta fish needs, with one of the biggest ones being entertainment.

Let’s talk about our top 10 best betta fish toys out there. Rest assured, these toys will definitely provide your fish with endless hours of fun and games.

Betta Balls 9.4/10
Floating Betta Log 9.2/10
Floating Betta Exercise Mirror 8.6/10

Do Betta Fish Actually Get Bored?

Yes! Absolutely is the answer to that question. Betta fish are really active creatures that love to move around and have fun. They are very active creatures and if they don’t get enough exercise and amusement they will definitely get bored.

They may not be the smartest creatures around, but just like with humans, even the not so bright ones still need entertainment.

Betta fish absolutely love to hide in stuff, they like to swim through and around things, and they like pushing things around too (we have covered some tricks training on this article)!

10 Of The Best Betta Fish Toys To Keep Them Entertained & Happy

Here we have a list of the top ten betta fish toys that you can buy to keep your little aquatic pet as happy as can be.

1. LUFFY Betta Balls

This is a really cool betta fish toy option to consider. First of all, they will definitely provide your betta fish with tons of fun. Betta fish love to push things around and that is exactly what these LUFFY Betta Balls let them do.

Moreover, these are all natural balls of living moss so they do add a certain amount of beauty to any fish tank, plus there is nothing better than a living toy.

We really like these things because the moss they are made of absorbs excess nutrients in the water, they absorb the nutrients which cause algae blooms, and they do a pretty decent job at filtering out a fish tank in general.

These things are living so they do need their own nutrients to eat, they need some light, and of course fresh water too. To clean them simply squeeze them out and rinse them in some tank water to get rid of buildup.

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2. Floating Betta Log

This is another awesome toy to provide your betta fish with. This is a real piece of driftwood that won’t affect the color or the pH level of your water, plus it is real so that is always an automatic bonus. Moreover, betta fish love to hide in places, swim through tight spaces, and they have a whole lot of fun doing that.

This is a simply round floating log with a hole in the middle of it and you can rest assured that it will provide your betta fish with a whole lot of fun for hours on end. This toy does need a minimum of a 2 gallon tank, or else it will take up too much room.

What is also pretty neat about this Floating Betta Log is that it has a whole in the top of it for easy feeding in the case that your fish is inside of it during feeding time.

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3. Floating Betta Exercise Mirror

If you have a betta fish you probably know that one betta fish does not like other betta fish, and that is always the case.

These fish are extremely territorial and will try to kill other members of the same species, hence why they are sometimes referred to as Siamese fighting fish. This Floating Betta Exercise Mirror is a great toy for any betta fish because they will see their own reflection and go ballistic.

This may sound like a bad thing at first, but in all reality, it will just relieve their boredom and make them swim around a whole lot.

Keep in mind that you should only place the betta mirror in front of your betta fish for 5 minutes at a time, and a maximum of twice per day. Too much of this could cause stress and may even cause your fish to injure itself.

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4. Betta Hammock

Betta fish do not always like to be active and swim around all day. Sometimes, just like you and me, they like to relax and just take things easy.

This is where the Betta Hammock comes into play. This is a simple little plastic leaf attached to a suction cup that you can suction onto any wall in your aquarium.

It is a sturdy little leaf that your betta fish can rest on to take a little break. Betta fish actually like to rest near the surface in their natural environment, and this is exactly what the Betta Hammock allows them to do.

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5. Sinking Betta Log

This is quite similar to the floating betta log which we looked at before. This things is made out of ceramic so you know it is tough and built to last, plus it is made without harmful chemicals so you know it won’t poison our water. Moreover, it actually looks really real so it does make for an aesthetically pleasing addition to any aquarium.

Unlike the other betta log we mentioned earlier, this one sinks to the bottom. It allows your betta fish to swim back and forth through it, plus it gives them a nice hiding place too.

Both of these aspects are great for any betta fish. The Sinking Betta Log also has a hole in the side of it to provide your betta fish with more fun opportunities than ever before.

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6. Betta Bed

Betta fish love to rest near top of the surface of the fish tank so they can see what is going on outside of the tank.

Well, honestly, we don’t know why they like to stay near the top, but they clearly do! This Betta Bed is much like the hammock we talked about before. This particular model uses a real leaf that is treated to be water proof and to not deteriorate in the water.

Even better is that it also uses no metal wiring that may rust and pollute the water. Also, this leaf is completely real and releases tannins which can actually be very healthy for your betta fish.

The leaves do need to be changed after about 2 weeks, but the pack comes with 6 of them so that should not be a problem.

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7. Natural Coco Hut

This is a really neat toy that you can get for your betta fish. We really like the Natural Coco Hut because it is an all-natural toy, home, and hiding place for your betta fish.

This thing gives them a great place to hide and relax in, something that every fish needs and every person can appreciate.

This thing is so neat because it is in fact a real coconut that has been cut to become a nice little home, it has smooth edges so it won’t injure your fish, and it has been specially treated to last for a very long time in the water.

This thing is totally non-toxic and will not release any harmful materials into the water. The Natural Coco Hut also makes for a good breeding ground for your betta fish, plus it can also be used by other fish, crabs, snails, and aquatic creatures.

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8. Ping Pong Ball

A ping pong ball is a decent alternative to a professionally made betta toy. Betta fish will love bumping into the ball, pushing it around, and even trying to make it pop out of the water.

It is actually a great toy that will provide your fish with endless hours of fun. Your fish won’t be able to break the ping pong ball, water won’t degrade it, and you can find non-toxic ones that won’t release any chemicals into the water too.

9. Laser Pointer

While most people may be used to using a laser pointer to annoy their dogs or cats, the same thing can be done with your betta fish.

Yeah, fish are not the brightest bulbs so they will definitely be curious as to what that little red dot is, and then when you start moving it around, if they were not intrigued before, they definitely will be now.

This is a great way to keep your fish amused to and to make them get some exercise too. On a side note, just like with cats or dogs, your betta fish may start to look for the red dot even when you do not have the laser pointer in mind.

If you notice this happening, you might want to stop using it for a while because you are literally driving the fish insane.

10. Plants

Plants in general make for great toys for fish, especially betta fish. These creatures love to swim through, over, in, and around various objects, so having some tall grasses or other plants for them to frolic around in is always a good idea.

Plants also help to provide your betta fish with some cover for those times where they just want to relax.

Plants are also ideal for any aquarium because the vast majority of them will produce oxygen, most will do a good job at filtering out the water, and simply put, they make beautiful additions to any tank.

This post covers some great live plants suggestions.

Commonly Asked Questions

How can I play with my betta fish?

There are a few different ways you can play with betta fish, although no, they are not dogs or humans, so this is a bit limited. Here are some ideas.

  • Place a mirror in the betta tank to watch the betta flare (don’t do this too much).
  • You can introduce some new floating decorations.
  • Place a ping pong ball in the aquarium for the fish to push around.
  • You can place new items inside and outside of the tank for the betta to investigate.
  • It is possible to train betta fish to swim through hoops and do other such tricks.

What kind of toys do betta fish like?

There are indeed some good betta toys out there, but not, they are not like RC cars or any other such toys, but just small items that betta fish can have fun with.

There are some good toys, or items that betta fish can have fun with. These best toys for betta fish include the following.

  • Aquarium plants (can be toys for fish).
  • A small hammock for betta fish.
  • A small mirror.
  • A sinking log.
  • A floating log.
  • Ping pong ball.
  • A moss ball.

Can you train a betta fish to do tricks?

Do keep in mind that fish are not exactly the brightest of creatures, so it may take some time to teach them tricks, but it is technically possible.

There are some neat little tricks you can teach your betta fish. Some examples of the best tricks for betta fish include the following.

  • It is possible to teach betta fish to follow your finger.
  • It is possible to teach betta fish to swim through hoops.
  • You can teach betta fish to flare on your command.
  • You can teach betta fish to jump out of the water on command.

Can betta fish jump?

Yes, betta fish can indeed jump. It’s not like they can launch themselves out of the water like a ballistic missile, but they can jump out of the water up to about 3 inches.

It’s pretty impressive for such a small fish, and yes, you can teach them to do this on command, although it will take some time to get this trick down.

Can you put your finger in a betta fish tank?

Betta fish are quite territorial, so it’s never a good idea to put your finger in the tank.

Now, that said, they are very small fish and no, they will not be able to injure you, and if they try to bite you, they will not be able to break the skin.

Moreover, betta fish have a pretty sensitive coating of a slime-like substance, and petting them will remove this coating, which is not a good thing at all. So, no, you should not put your finger in a betta fish tank.

Should I get a betta fish hideout?

Yes, betta fish sometimes love to have some privacy, and they like to hide from the outside world from time to time.

Some nice rock caves or hollow logs for them to chill out inside of are always good ideas.


No matter what the specific toy is that you get for your betta fish (this is our top pick), be sure to get at least one. Betta fish definitely can get bored, plus they like being active, they like swimming around, and the love to hide in things too, so any of the above toys would surely make for great additions to your betta tank. You might also like our post on Bubble nests which you can find here.