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Coralife Biocube 14 Review

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An in-depth review of the Coralife Biocube 14 tank that covers features, filters, tank, lights and more to help you decide if it it's the right option.

Coralife Biocube 14 Review

Today we are here to review the Coralife Biocube 14. Is it a decent option? it certainly seems to get quite a bit of attention so we decided to dedicate a detailed review to cover it inside and out to help you decide if it’s the right tank for you.

Coralife Biocube 14 – Main Features

Since this a review, we of course have to talk about some of the main features of the Coralife Biocube size 14. In all reality, this particular model comes with absolutely everything you need for an awesome coral reef environment. You can check the current price on Amazon here.

The Filtration & Sumps: Review

Perhaps the most beneficial part of the Coralife Biocube is that it comes with all necessary filtration mechanisms to keep the coral reef clean and clear. This particular tank features a 3 stage filtration system. This 3 stage filtration system included mechanical, biological, and chemical filtration. In other words, solid waste, toxins, ammonia, nitrite, nitrate, and all other unwanted compounds are easily filtered out with this high powered filter.

The filter is set up so you can easily replace the mechanical filtration media, other media (more on filter media here), easily make adjustments, and to provide you with easy access for cleaning and maintenance.

There are 3 individual sumps located within the Coralife Biocube, which are all intended to house the filtration mechanisms. The first sump is ideal for a mechanical filtration unit, the second for biological filtration agents such as bio-balls, and the third sump is ideal for adding something like a charcoal filter for chemical filtration.

You can actually use a media basket to save room and put the mechanical filter in the same sump as the bio-balls, which will allow you to use one of the sumps as a refugium for micro-algae or small aquarium benefiting critters.

The Tank Itself

This is an ideal tank for anybody who wants a small coral reef aquarium at home or even in the office. It isn’t too big so it does not take up much space, but it is big enough to house a variety of plants, coral, and fish too. The tank itself is made out of high grade glass that definitely will not crack under pressure, plus it is sealed off with quality silicone.

The tank definitely does not leak, nor will it spring a leak, plus all of the sumps are individually sealed and will not leak into each other. On a little side note, the sumps have overflow prevention mechanisms to assist with this as well. The tank itself is roughly 15x15x15 inches and it can hold roughly 12 gallons of water. Like we said, it is not a tiny tank, but not a huge one either. We have covered more 10 gallon tanks here.

The Pump

Of course coral reefs need a whole lot of water flow in order to stay healthy. Water circulation is a key aspect of any coral reef, which is why the Coralife Biocube comes complete with the Coralife S-700 water pump. This pump uses only 10 watts of power, thus making it fairly energy efficient. It can actually pump up to 80 gallons per hour, which means that it can turn over the water in the aquarium roughly 8 times per hour.

This is much more than the necessary 4 or 5 times that the water in an average coral reef aquarium would need to be turned over. The bottom line is that this pump combined with the advanced filtration system ensures a very clean aquarium that your coral reef will thrive in. The pump is located so that it is convenient to access, but it is also well hidden from the main aquarium. This is actually true for most of the components, which is great for preserving the aesthetic appeal of the Coralife Biocube.

The Hood & Lights

The hood is another important feature of any aquarium. After all, the hood keeps everything inside and keeps unwanted things on the outside. Every good aquarium needs a good hood. The hood on this Coralife Biocibe is intended mainly for salt water coral reefs, but will do just fine for other applications too.

This hood features hinge pins which allows you to completely remove it as you see fit. However, it also has a smaller opening that you can use to feed your fish as well, therefore you don’t have to remove the whole lid every time you want to get to the inside.

What is really neat about this aquarium is that the hood comes with built in LED lights. The lights are blue and white. They can be set to be just blue, just white, and can be set to day or night time mode too. The blue light is essential for the growth of coral, so this is definitely a necessary feature of the Coralife Biocube. There are 24 lights to be exact, half and half. They don’t use very much power, so they are energy friendly. They can be easily turned on and off, as well as set to a variety of settings too.

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Final Thoughts On The Coralife Biocube 14

The bottom line is that in our opinion the Coralife Biocube 14 is an excellent choice to consider if you want your own small coral reef. It comes with everything you need including lights, a 3 stage filter, sumps, a water pump, and more. Of course it doesn’t come with coral or fish, but the fun is in choosing what you want on the inside!

You can check the current price on Amazon here.