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Cryptocoryne Balansae Plant

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The Cryptocoryne balansae is also known as the balansae plant and it is a popular choice for many people to put in their aquariums.

Cryptocoryne Balansae Plant

This plant is meant for underwater growth and it features very short stems with long leaves. The leaves usually grow to between 4 and 5 inches in length, are long and thin, are bright or dark green in color (depending on the conditions) and have ruffled edges.

Cryptocoryne Balansae can be grown outside of the water however the leaves become shorter, less ruffled, and often become rounded when grown on dry land. This plant is a part of the Araceae family and their origins are in the U.S.A. These plants are usually farm grown as they do require pretty specific conditions to survive.

The balansae plant does require a fair amount of attention to keep alive; however it is quite flexible in terms of where it can be planted in the aquarium. This plant does well when it is planted at the sides or the rear of an aquarium. (If you are on the lookout for some plant additions for your aquarium them you might find this post helpful).

Since the plant does grow quite high it should only be placed in the center of an aquarium if the tank is of a large size, that being 30 gallons or larger. It can be placed in the center of a smaller aquarium if need be, but the longer leaves need to be removed in order to keep it from taking up the whole height of the aquarium. The largest these plants are known to get is 1 foot an 6 inches in height.

This plant does not do so well in dark conditions and it does need a fair amount of light. Ideal lighting conditions for the balansae plant are at least 3 Watts per square gallon of water, and the light needs to be provided by full spectrum bulbs ranging from 5000k to 7000k.

These plants also need a moderate amount of supplements provided to them if they are to thrive. The Balansae plant requires a moderate amount of supplements including regular additions of CO2, fertilizers that are rich in iron (as these plants are known to suffer from iron deficiencies), and small amounts of potassium.

The water conditions for the balansae plant need to be quite specific. The water needs to be fresh water with moderate conditions. The water in which the plant grows in must be between 72 and 82 degrees Fahrenheit, the KH levels need to be between 3 and 8, and the pH levels need to be between 6.5 and 7.5. In other words this plant requires room temperature water that is soft and fairly neutral in its pH level.

Some Cryptocoryne Balansae Recommendations For Your Aquarium

Here are a couple of options to consider that would make a nice addition to your aquarium;


  • Grows to be a nice tall and flowing plant, great for backgrounds.
  • Adds some great movement to the aquarium with it's flowing tall leaves.
  • Comes as a potted plant (as shown the picture).
  • Comes with a free plant guide

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Underwater Treasures

  • A great visual plant option to liven up your aquarium background.
  • Suitable for both freshwater and saltwater aquariums.

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Cryptocoryne Balansae (balansae plant) does have the ability to reproduce on its own, either through seeds or leaflets. If the plant is to be reproduced then it is required that the leaves become at least 4 inches in length before separating them from the mother plant and planting them on their own. This is a fairly popular choice for fish tanks however it should be noted that it does require moderate care as well as fairly specific water conditions to thrive.

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