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Cryptocoryne Parva Plant

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The Cryptocoryne Parva is actually quite an uncommon choice for freshwater aquariums, but none the less there are quite a few people out there who choose to have them in their fresh water fish tanks. The Cryptocoryne Parva is native to Asia; to be specific it can mostly be found in Sri Lanka where it tends to grow in the highlands.

Cryptocoryne Parva Plant

This plant thrives in slow moving streams and at the edges of river beds and therefore it can do OK in a freshwater fish tank with fairly stagnant water. To get the scientific stuff out of the way, this plant is part of the Cryptocoryne genus of plants and is a part of the Araceae family. The plant structure is that of a rosette plant and it is usually recommended to be in the foreground of a fish tank.

The Cryptocoryne Parva is not a prime choice for many people and their aquariums for one reason, this plant has a very slow growth rate, sometimes taking a few years to actually get to its full size, which mind you is not actually very big.

This plant is actually the smallest of all Cryptocoryne plants, growing to a maximum height of 6 centimeters tall and a maximum rosette width of 8 centimeters wide. It is more common for this plant to max out at around 5 centimeters in height and 6 centimeters in width. The leaves are bright or a darker green in color and are usually flat and elongated without any frilling.

When planting the Cryptocoryne Parva it needs to be planted in fairly fertile substrate with adequate amounts of fertilizer, iron, potassium, and nitrogen. Without these nutrients this plant is susceptible to developing holes in its leaves.

When planting this plant they should always be planted at least 5 centimeters apart, this being because they do grow out in their width and after a few months they will grow together to form one large and cohesive plant bed. Keep in mind that this growth will take a fair amount of time.

Another reason as to why this plant is not a number one choice for aquarium enthusiasts is because it is quite demanding in terms of its lighting needs. This plant needs a very high amount of light, between 5 and 7 watts per gallon, which means that it isn’t particular ideal for fish tanks where there are other plants and fish that require slightly less light.

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Another thing to keep in mind is that this plant may also not be ideal because it should never be over shadowed or beneath other plants, because if it is then it won’t get the necessary light intake that it needs to survive.

One the same note, this plant does require quite a bit of CO2 content in the water as well as fertilizer for its roots. To propagate the Cryptocoryne Parva plant all you have to do is remove runners or offshoots and plant them in the same immersed conditions.

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