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Cyperus Helferi Plant

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The Cyperus Helferi is actually a very interesting plant because it is one of the only kind of its species that can grow well under water. This plant is part of the Cyperus or Cyparaceae family of plants, but it is virtually the only one that can grow immersed or submersed in water.

Cyperus Helferi Plant

Cyperus Helferi is native to the Asian continent as is mostly found in Thailand. This plant is most commonly found in bodies of water that are quite shallow and have a low flow rate such as in river basins and at the edges of small streams. It has become quite a popular addition to fresh water fish tanks within the last few decades. The plant structure is that of a Rosette plant and it needs to be in fresh water; salt water will definitely not do!

This plant does the best in larger tanks of 20 gallons or more because the plant itself is also fairly large. The leaves of this plant are light to medium green in their color and grow to a maximum of 50 centimeters or 20 inches in height, although their average size is more like 35 centimeters in height. The leaves are very long and thin and do not have any ruffles or frilling.

The leaves are also very soft which means that they like to move gently in the water. It is recommended that you not have a smaller fish tank as this will not let this plant grow to its full potential. This plant also has a fairly slow growth rate, so getting to its full height will take several months or even a year.

Cyperus Helferi makes for a great focal point in the center of a tank or as a small accent at the edges of a fish tank. It is not recommended to have this plant in a fish tank in high volumes because it does grow quite large and may overtake the tank.

This plant is fairly easy to propagate because all that you have to do is separate the daughter plant from the mother plant and place it in the same substrate as the original plant is in.

This plant is quite versatile and can be grown submersed or immersed in water. Although this plant is a rosette plant, a type of plant which usually does not have a great root system, it actually grows a very healthy and thick root system.

Cyperus Helferi only requires moderate amounts upkeep so it isn't too hard to keep alive. This plant requires medium to high levels of light, that being around 2 – 4 watts of light per every gallon of water in the tank.

The Cyperus Helferi does not require any CO2 injection, but it will grow faster and stronger with extra carbon dioxide. This plant also does better in cooler water, that being slightly under 80 degrees Fahrenheit. If you don’t add any nutrients this plant will grow quite slowly, but with adequate supplementation of nitrate, phosphate, potassium, and other nutrients it will grow very quickly.

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