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Echinodorus Quadricostatus (Amazon Sword Plant)

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The echinodorus quadricostatus is also known as the burhead or Amazon Sword Plant. This type of plant is often found in the Western hemisphere and is a part of the Alismataceae family of plants.

Echinodorus Quadricostatus (Amazon Sword Plant)

This is quite a popular choice of aquatic plant for people to have in their aquariums. However it should be known that it is only ideal for larger fish tanks, 30 gallons and up, because it is fairly large and grows very quickly. It is an ideal plant if a tank has small fish in it that like to hide around or under plant life.

echinodorus quadricostatus or Amazon Sword is quite a big plant, if it is placed in a smaller aquarium it may take up a lot of space and will need to be pruned on a regular basis. If the fish tank is small then it should only be planted at the sides or the back of the aquarium in order to avoid the plant taking over the whole space, leaving the fish with minimal room.

The plant can be planted in the middle of an aquarium however because the plants tend to grow laterally the side leaves need to be systematically removed which will result in the Amazon Sword Plant growing upwards in a fairly dense cluster. In order to reproduce the side shoots of the plant can be cut off in order to make seedlings that can then be planted in a fairly dense substrate.

This plant grows many leaves that are each between 10 and 15 centimeters in length. The leaves are quite thin, 0.5 – 1 centimeter in width and are fairly elongated. Depending on the conditions in which the Amazon Sword Plant grows in, the leaves should be a shade of pale green in color.

This aquatic plant does require some pretty specific conditions. These plants do sometimes suffer from an iron deficiency, so they do need to be planted in an iron rich substrate, that or they need fairly regular iron supplements. If the substrate that it is planted in is fairly rich in nutrients then it does not need any additional supplements except for the occasional iron boost.

The temperature of the water should be no less than 20 degrees Celsius and no higher than 26 degrees Celsius; as can be seen this plant requires the water to be quite warm. The Amazon Sword Plant (echinodorus quadricostatus) does need moderate levels of light, 0.5 Watts per square liter, in order to thrive. Any less or more light than that will cause the leaves to turn yellow and will eventually cause the plant to die.

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