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Fluval Biological Cleaner Review

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Our detailed Fluval Biological Cleaner review covers how effective it really is, pros, cons and more to help you decide if it's the right solution for you.

Fluval Biological Cleaner Review

Keeping an aquarium clean and clear can be a pretty big task. Sure, you have filters to do the job, plus you probably engage in weekly water changes too. However, filters need to be cleaned and maintained themselves, and water changes are a pain the butt. To make things easier for you, you should try using a biological cleaner to help mitigate filter maintenance and water changes.

A good biological cleaner can help to reduce the frequency at which you need to clean the filter and do water changes. Today we’re going to be doing a Fluval Biological Cleaner review, which is in our opinion one of the best biological cleaner options (you can check the price at Amazon here).

Our Fluval Biological Cleaner Review

There are a lot of things which the Fluval Biological Cleaner can help with in terms of keeping your aquarium water clean and free of biological contaminants. Let’s talk about the main features real quick.

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The main purpose of Fluval Biological Cleaner is to clean your water and everything inside of the aquarium. This stuff has the ability to clean your aquarium gravel, interior surfaces, power filters, and decorations too. This stuff is specially designed to rapidly break down organic waste inside of the aquarium.

It will quickly break down fish waste as well as uneaten food, plus it will quickly get rid of rotting plant life too. It contains special ingredients which help too break these things down in a matter of mere hours.

Easy To Use

Something that you might like about this cleaner is that it is extremely easy to use. Simply add it into the aquarium water as the instructions direct. You don’t have to remove any fish or plants from the aquarium for it to work.

Simply pour the directed amount into your tank and Fluval cleaner will work its way through the gravel and through your filters too. This is great because it reduces the frequency at which you have to do water changes, plus it helps keep your filter clean too. It gets rid of waste, ammonia (more on lowering ammonia levels here), nitrites (plants can help too), and nitrates too.

For Big Populations

Fluval Biological Cleaner is a really useful thing for heavily populated aquariums that produce a lot of waste. Saving time on filter maintenance and water changes is definitely a big bonus. What is also pretty neat is that this cleaner can be used for both saltwater and freshwater aquariums.


  • Kills ammonia and nitrites.
  • Gets rid of fish waste, uneaten food, and plant debris.
  • Reduces the need for water changes and filter cleaning.
  • Very easy to use.



If you are tired of performing water changes so often, plus if you don’t want to have to clean the filter so much, Fluval Biological Cleaner can definitely help you out quite a bit (you can buy it Amazon here). It’s a great option to go with for reducing the amount of biological waste in any aquarium.