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Fluval Spec 10 Litre Review (iii)

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Our Fluval Spec 10 Litre Review covers everything you need to know about the tank including dimensions, hood, lighting, filters and much more to help you to decide.

Fluval Spec 10 Litre Review (iii)

Today we’re here doing a fluval spec 10 litre review, this aquarium seems to be a popular option for beginners and experts alike so we have spent a lot of time doing research to understand what this aquarium has to offer and how good it actually is.

We are going to break the review down into a few parts: a quick overview of what’s included, the main features & benefits, pros, cons and our verdict (you can check the price at Amazon here).

Our Fluval Spec 10 Litre Review

The The Fluval Spec III 10 Litre Aquarium is definitely a popular all in one aquarium choice, it comes with all of the lighting and filtration you need to start and maintain a healthy and happy aquarium.

It’s a good aquarium kit to go with to get you or your kids started with the world of aquariums and fish keeping.

Let’s go over some of the most important features and benefits that you get with the The Fluval Spec III Aquarium.

Features & Benefits

Tank Size & Dimensions

This tank can fit roughly 10 liters or 2.6 gallons of water, thus making it ideal for a few smaller fish which is ideal for anyone just getting started or not having a lot of space to play with.

The dimensions of the The Fluval Spec are 9 x 11 x 12 inches. This means that it can easily fit on a shelf, a desk, a night stand, in a bedroom, the kitchen, or in an office too. The size of it is more than ideal for people who have limited space or if you are just starting your adventure into the world of fish keeping.

What The Tank Is Made Of

The Fluval Spec is made out of etched glass, which is extremely strong, resistant to scratches, fairly impact resistant too. The glass used here also does a decent job at not warping the image of whatever is on the inside of the aquarium.

When it comes to aquarium glass, the etched glass used here is some of the most durable and best looking around. We do really like the look of the The Fluval Spec aquarium, especially thanks to the aluminum trim. The trim is made to both look good and to prevent water from leaking out.

Does The Tank Leak?

When it comes to aquariums leaking water, it’s not something that should not happen with this particular model assuming it's properly cared for. It’s fairly strong, durable, leak proof, and good looking too.


The Fluval Spec features a hood with overhanging lights. The lights consist of 31 LED lights. These lights are fairly bright, they are durable in the sense that they have many hours of life before they give out, and they also look nice. These LED lights help to provide your fish and the plants inside of the tank with more than enough illumination to grow, be happy, and to be healthy too.

The lights are more than strong enough to do the job. You can turn the lights to nighttime mode when the time calls for it, or you can just turn the lights off if you like.

The Tank Lid

This aquarium comes with a great little lid. This lid is very useful because it helps to keep the fish and plants exactly where they are supposed to be. It also stops creatures like cats from getting to the fish, plus it stops random debris from falling in as well.

Also, the lid comes with a nice little feeding hole in the middle so you can easily drop food in when feeding time comes around. Finally, this lid can be easily taken off and put on simply by placing it on the frame. It really could not be any easier.

Integrated Filtration System

Perhaps the best feature of this particular aquarium is that it comes with its own integrated and oversized filtration system. This bad boy comes with a full blown 3 stage filtration system which is proven to work wonders in terms of keeping aquarium water lean and clear.

It comes with foam blocks in order to engage in the effective mechanical filtration of particles and solid debris. Second, it features BioMax bio rings which help to create and harbor beneficial bacteria which remove ammonia, nitrates, and nitrites from the water. Finally, the aquarium also comes with activated carbon blocks which serve to remove smells, odors, and discoloration from the water.

In terms of an all in one aquarium kit, the The Fluval Spec III 10 Litre Aquarium comes with a great filtration systems. Also, in order to preserve the aesthetic appeal of the the Fluval Spec, the filtration compartment is located in the back behind a black wall.


  • Ideal size for beginners and children.
  • Small enough to fit in tight spaces.
  • Large enough for a few smaller fish.
  • Durable etched glass build – scratch and impact resistant.
  • Aluminum trim for durability and to prevent leaking.
  • Easy on and off lid for feeding.
  • Hood with 31 bright LED lights.
  • Awesome 3 stage filtration system included.
  • Looks really nice.


  • Not ideal for larger fish.
  • Filter could be a little quieter.

Our Verdict

The bottom line is that the The Fluval Spec 10 Litre Aquarium is in our opinion one of the best options to go with if you want a simple and good looking all in one aquarium kit. Whether it is for you or for your kids (we have reviewed more tanks for kids here), this is a really nice looking aquarium that comes with literally everything you need to get started including lights, a filter, and of course the tank itself.