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How Big Do Flowerhorns Get?

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We answer the common aquarium question of how big do Flowerhorns get? they are really cool and popular fish but it's important to know about growth/size so you can house them the right way.

How Big Do Flowerhorns Get?

Flowerhorns are very interesting looking fish now doubt. Their colors are very bright and vibrant, making them some of the most beautiful aquarium fish around. Their classic flowerhorn head shape really stands out when compared to other tropical aquarium fish. So, how big do flowerhorns get?

How Big Do Flowerhorn Fish Actually Get?

There are actually several different variations of the flowerhorn fish, but most of them grow to the same size. Some of the variations include the red ingot, king kong parrot, golden monkey, kamfa, Zhen Zhu, Golden Base, king kamfa, kamfamalau, Thai silk, and a few others too. Their color schemes are different, but the size is usually the same, with the exception of a couple of sub-species.

Most flowerhorn fish will grow to 12 inches in size, which is very common in the wild. However, when it comes to aquariums, flowerhorns will grow to around 10 inches in length. Generally speaking, female flowerhorns will be between 1 and 2 inches shorter than their male counterparts. Getting the right food is also important for head growth, we have covered our top food picks on this article.

There are a couple of smaller flowerhorns, including the bonsai flowerhorn which grows to 6 inches long and the bantam flowerhorn which grows to around inches in length.

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If you are looking to get a flowerhorn for your aquarium, you need to be sure that you have enough room to accommodate it. That being said, they are definitely cool fish to have at home. Their unique look will definitely bring some life to your fish tank.