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How Big Do Shubunkins Grow To?

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We answer the common question of how big do Shubunkins grow to and what you can do to help increase the growth rate as fast as possible in a helpful and straight forward guide.

How Big Do Shubunkins Grow To?

Shubunkins are some pretty cool fish no doubt. To be exact, they are a type of single tailed fancy goldfish. Shubunkins have nacreous scales with a pattern often referred to as calico. This type of goldfish has its origins in Japan and has long been popular for large outdoor ponds.

Goldfish are very popular in general, but for outdoor ponds, shubunkins are a prime choice for many. These fish do get pretty big and they need a fair bit of maintenance. The question of the day is how big do shubunkins grow to?

So, How Big Do Shubunkins Grow?

Shubunkins are a fairly large species of goldfish, one that can grow to 1 foot and 2 inches in length, or about 14 inches (35.5 cm). This makes them a big goldfish, one that is not really ideal for indoor aquariums.

Most people house this big fellows in large open outdoor ponds. In terms of spatial requirements, shubunkins need a 180 gallon pond or tank at the very least, with something like 200 gallons being ideal.

Tips To Help Shubunkins Grow

There are some things you can do and tips which you can follow in order to help your shubunkin grow as large as possible.

Let’s go over the things you should do.

  • Shubunkins grow to their surroundings, which means the way you house them will affect their final size. If your tank is smaller than the recommended size we talked about above, a shubunkin will not grow as large as it otherwise would.

  • Make sure to feed your shubunkin very high quality pellet or flake food. Their diet should be around 25% animal protein, with the other 75% being plant matter. They need lots of plant based vitamins and minerals to grow to full size.

  • The other thing that is pretty important here is the condition of the water. First off, make sure to have an adequate filter that cleans the water mechanically, biologically, and chemically. Also, do regular water changes to keep the water clean. Clean water leads to good health, which in turn leads to fast and healthy growth.


Shubunkins are some of the bigger goldfish out there, at least when compared to the ones you would generally picture being in one of those depressing little bowls. You can help them grow to their full potential by following the tips as outlined above.