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How Big Does A Black Moor Goldfish Get?

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We cover how big Black Moor Goldfish get in depth along with some important information and tips on how make them grow as large as possible.

How Big Does A Black Moor Goldfish Get?

Black moor goldfish are definitely a very unique type of goldfish. Usually when we think of goldfish, we picture that classic golden yellow color. However, as the name of this particular fish implies, it is a goldfish that is actually black, not gold. This makes it a very unique and highly sought after goldfish species.

Black moor goldfish come from central Asia near Siberia. They prefer slow moving waters or even stagnant ponds. What we are really here to talk about today is the size of the black moor goldfish. So, how big does a black moor goldfish get?

So, How Big Does A Black Moor Goldfish Get?

When it comes to the size of the black moor goldfish, it usually grows to no longer than 4 inches in length (a little longer than 10 cm), making them a fairly small type of goldfish in the grand scheme of things. This is if they have good living conditions.

Now, some hardcore aquarium enthusiasts have reported that their black moor goldfish have grown to be as long as 10 inches, or roughly 25.5 cm. This is very rare, but it can happen if the circumstances are right. On a side note, this variety of goldfish can grow to be 15 years old, with 20 years of age being the maximum in a really pristine environment.

How To Make Your Black Moor Goldfish Grow Big

There are a few tips you can follow to help you black moor goldfish grow big and strong, so let’s go over those right now.

  • You need to keep your black moor goldfish in a tank no smaller than 10 gallons. Fish are known to grow according to their surroundings and habitat. If you want a chance of your fish growing larger than the average 4 inches, you will definitely need a bigger tank, 20 gallons or more.

  • You definitely need to perform regular weekly water changes and have a good filtration system. Black moor goldfish produce a whole lot waste, more than most other freshwater fish. This means that the water is full of waste and contaminants. These are things which can hinder healthy and fast growth. Make sure to change at least 30% of the water per week and use a filter that engages in all 3 major types of filtration, those being mechanical, chemical, and biological.

  • Make sure to feed your black moor goldfish a healthy and well-balanced diet. Just like you need food to grow big and strong as a human, so do these fish. A good mix of plant based foods and animal proteins is a good way to go. A high quality flake or pellet food with occasional live or freeze dried treats, plus some veggies, is the best way to go.


The good thing about black moor goldfish is that they are very hardy, they can survive in conditions that vary greatly, and they do not require all that much maintenance either. If you want an aquarium, but don’t want a huge one, the black moor goldfish is a great way to go.