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How Often Do Betta Fish Sleep

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This post answers some common questions around Betta fish and sleep, we look at if they need sleep, how often do they sleep and how to tell if your fish is actually asleep.

How Often Do Betta Fish Sleep

If you have ever wondered whether or not your betta fish sleeps, the answer is yes, it definitely does. There is not a single person or animal on the face of the planet earth that can go without sleep for a prolonged period of time. This would result in mental and organ failure, with the final result being death.

Therefore, the first thing that you need to know is that your betta fish definitely sleeps. You might also be wondering how often do betta fish sleep and how long they sleep for. Well, let’s get right to it and do our best to tell you all about betta fish and sleeping.

Betta Fish Need Sleep

The main takeaway to always keep in mind here is that all fish, including betta fish, need to sleep. This is true for fish just as it is for humans. Their brains, their muscles, and their organs all need time to rest and rejuvenate in order to function properly. Some fish are mostly active during the day and will therefore sleep at night, while other fish are mostly active during the night and therefore sleep during the day.

In case you were wondering, betta fish are mostly active during the day, so they get their sleep during the nighttime, just like you. So, in case you are not aware of how often they sleep, the answer is on a daily basis, or in the case of the betta fish, on a nightly basis. It can be a little tricky to tell whether your betta fish is sleeping or not, which is because they do not have eyelids, and therefore their eyes are never actually closed.

Betta fish are also well-known for being active, aggressive, and highly territorial. Whether or not betta fish experience full deep sleep like we do is not really known. Many people would say that they are still conscious on some level, which is necessary to remain alert of its surroundings. However, this is not something that we can say for sure at this point. Yet, as an answer to the question, betta fish do usually sleep every single night.

Is My Betta Fish Sleeping?

Like we said, since these fish have no eyelids, knowing whether or not they are asleep or just not moving can be a little tricky. One of the safest assumptions you can make is that the betta fish will get some sleep when it is dark. When the sun goes down and you turn the lights off, most likely your betta fish is going to get some rest. They will find a comfy spot to hunker down for the night and they will sleep, usually until they are startled by something or when you turn the light back on.

Betta fish will sometimes take short naps during the day, which is totally normal. After all, we humans are known for doing the same things. Heck, sometimes we just need some rest. Anyway, if you ever notice your betta fish lying on its side at the bottom of the tank or listlessly floating at the surface, chances are that it is asleep.

Don’t automatically assume the worst and think that the fish is sick or dead, because it might just be getting some rest. Your betta fish might also be resting against the leaves of a plant, behind or against a filter, or behind or inside of decorations. These fish like to feel safe and secure when they sleep, so anything that will provide them with some cover are places where they like to sleep.

If you want to provide your betta fish with a good sleeping spot, you can always supply them with some soft plants with some big leaves, some caves, decorations, and other items that will provide them with some cover.


The bottom line here is that yes, betta fish sleep and they do so mostly every night when it gets dark. They may also sleep during the day.