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How To Clean A Betta Fish Tank In 12 Steps

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A simple and effective step by step guide on how to clean a Betta fish tank the right way, easy 12 steps to follow.

How To Clean A Betta Fish Tank In 12 Steps

Your Betta fish tank needs to be cleaned on a regular basis in order to keep the water clean, free of debris, to keep pH and hardness levels ideal, and to keep unwanted compounds to a minimum. To properly clean your Betta fish tank, just follow these simple steps so you know how to clean a betta fish tank the right way.

How To Clean A Betta Fish Tank: 12 Step Guide

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Betta tank cleaning something you will have to learn to love, it's important to do it correctly and of course, on a regular basis. We have summarised the steps below for cleaning Betta tanks correctly;

How To Properly Clean A Betta Fish Tank

  1. First you want to wash your hands. This is so you don’t introduce any new bacteria to the water or add more dirt into it, dirt which you will have to clean out anyway.

  2. Unplug anything electronic so that you don’t electrocute yourself by accident or so that any electrical components do not fall into the water.

  3. The water needs to be changed and you need to change around 20 or 40 percent of it per week. So, use a cup and gently put your Betta fish in a glass or bowl (with some of the original aquarium water).

  4. Use the cup or any other scooping device to remove an additional 20 to 40 percent of the water. Keep in mind that you should never change all of the water because that will cause pH changes, extreme temperature changes, and will get rid of too much beneficial bacteria.

  5. Now, you can choose to empty all of the water out and keep it in separate place until you are done cleaning, which is easy. Or, you can clean the tank with most of the water still in it, which is a little harder.

  6. If you leave most of the water in the tank, you will need a tank cleaner such as a gravel vacuum in order to suck up any fish waste from the substrate. On the other hand, if you completely empty the tank, you can simply remove the substrate and rinse it under warm water. Do keep in mind that uprooting plants is not ideal, so this method is not as easy as it may sound at first. A good vacuum and filter system does work well.

  7. Also, remove rocks, driftwood, and other decorations and rinse them off under warm water.

  8. If you have a filter, clean it as instructed by the manufacturer (if you don't have a filter and need suggestions, see this article).

  9. Put as much new water as you need in a bucket or any other thing that can hold water, add a de-chlorinating agent, and let it get to room temperature.

  10. Add all of the water back into the tank and wait until it gets back to the ideal temperature.

  11. Put everything back in its place and plug in the electronics.

  12. Add the Betta fish back into the tank.

Commonly Asked Questions

How often does a betta fish tank need to be cleaned?

Cleaning a betta fish tank is something you should do about once per week. The best way to clean a betta fish tank is to do a water change once per week, which depends on how large the tank is.

Smaller tanks will require more of the water to be changed regularly. You should also be cleaning your aquarium decorations and the plants, plus you need to be vacuuming the substrate too.

A magnetized tank scrubber definitely helps too, especially when it comes to removing debris from the interior of the tank.

How often do you clean a 5 gallon betta fish tank?

A 5 gallon betta fish tank should be cleaned once per week. It really does not matter how large your tank is. It should always be cleaned once per week.

The only difference which tank size will make is in terms of how much of the water you change on a weekly basis.

Why does my betta fish tank get dirty so fast?

Well, for one, the smaller your betta fish tank is, the faster the water will get dirty. It’s simply math really, because the more space there is for the dirt to dilute itself in the water, the less dirty that water will be.

Waste builds up much faster in smaller tanks than it does in larger tanks. Something else which may lead to your betta fish tank getting dirty fast is if your filter is dirty, not working properly, or just not up to the task.

The other thing which can cause fish tanks to get dirty fast is if you are overfeeding your fish, and of course, if you are not cleaning it properly too.

Why does my betta water get cloudy?

Betta water gets cloudy for a number of reasons, but mainly because of fish waste and decomposing food.

If your aquarium filter is not up to the task, it will only hasten how fast the water turns cloudy (more on fixing cloudy tank water on this article).

We hope you have found the article and that you now know how to clean a betta tank the right way!

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