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Interpet Anti Fungus And Finrot Review

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Aside from identifying deadly fish diseases early like mouth and fin rot the next most important thing is actually treating these diseases effectively, today we are are doing a Interpet Anti Fungus And Finrot review to see how effective it really is.

Interpet Anti Fungus And Finrot Review

The health and safety of our pets is always the top priority as fish owners, but we can’t always ensure that they don’t get sick. Just like us humans, fish can and do get sick. It is our responsibility to recognize illness in our pets, take the appropriate steps to treat the illness, and make sure that our fish see another day on this world.

Diseases like cotton wool disease, mouth rot, and fin rot can all occur in your fish. They are deadly diseases which can take the life of your fish in a very short amount of time. Today we are here to take a look at a great treatment for these afflictions. We’re doing an Interpet Anti-Fungus and Finrot Review so you know exactly what this stuff is all about (you can also check the current price at Amazon here).

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Fin Rot

Fin rot is a very serious disease that can affect all kinds of fish out there. This disease can be easily prevented, but once it takes hold it can be very hard to get rid of. Fin rot is caused by bacterial infections from bacteria that are usually always present in the water.

Fish often contract fin rot or start to suffer from it when they are under a lot of stress, are not fed right, or live in bad tank conditions. You see, the bacteria which cause fin rot are present in virtually all fish tanks, but it’s the quality of the water and the immune system of your fish which will determine whether or not it is affected by these bacteria. Open sores are a great way to let these bacteria in, thus causing fin rot.

If your fish has white fin edges, frayed fins, enflamed fins, and rotting fins and tail, your fish probably has fin rot. In other words, the flesh of the fins literally dies and falls away, plus this is often accompanied by secondary fungal infections. There are several root causes to the problem of your fish contracting fin rot including poor water quality, dirty water, improper water temperature, high stress levels, under feeding, overcrowding of the tank, and improperly handling the fish.

If you can correct the root cause of the issue, some simple medicine such as Interpet Anti-Fungus and Finrot should do the trick. Beware that fin rot is a very deadly disease and can quickly cause the death of your fish, so identifying and treating it as soon as possible is vital to the survival of your fish.

Mouth Rot

Mouth rot is another affliction that your fish may suffer from. Many people confuse it with fin rot, but it is definitely not the same thing at all. Although mouth rot would indicate that only the mouth of the fish is affected, it can also affect the rest of the face, head, and the gills too. Just like with fin rot, the bacteria which causes mouth rot to occur is present in virtually every single last aquarium out there.

Also, just like with fin rot, it is the health and condition of your fish, as well as that of the tank as a whole, which determines whether or not your fish will contract mouth rot. You will notice if your fish has mouth rot if it has white or grey tufts of little fungal-like growths growing on or in the mouth, around the gills, and the rest of the head.

Even though many people refer to this as “mouth fungus”, it is actually a bacterial infection and needs to be treated accordingly. Just like with fin rot, overfeeding, overcrowding, feeding old food, dirty water, poor water conditions, the wrong water temperature, and high levels of stress, can all cause your fish to contract this mouth rot illness.

Well, you need to solve the root cause of the problem if you don’t want it to keep occurring, plus a good medication like Interpet Anti-Fungus and Finrot will most likely take care of the disease.

Cotton Wool Disease

Unlike the previous two afflictions which were bacterial in nature, cotton wool disease is in fact a fungal problem. Cotton wool disease is a fairly general term that is often applied to a variety of common fungal infections in fish. These fungal infections are characterized by white, fluffy, and cottony growths. These fungal infections can indeed be deadly, so while they may look harmless, they are certainly not.

Fish that have suffered from injuries, scratches, fin rot, mouth rot, and other such diseases are often susceptible to contracting cotton wool disease. There may be more than one type of fungi causing the infection, but luckily a good medication like Interpet Anti-Fungus and Finrot should help kill of the fungal infection and get your fish back to full health in no time at all.

Our Interpet Anti Fungus and Finrot Review

There really is not too much to say about Interpet Anti-Fungus and Finrot, other than it is meant to treat fin rot, mouth rot, and fungal infections like cotton wool disease. However, there are a few things you should know about this stuff.

First off, Interpet Anti-Fungus and Finrot can be used to treat up to 500 liters of water, which is about 125 gallons. In other words, if you have a whole tank of fish suffering from the aforementioned afflictions, a whole bottle of this stuff should take care of it.

That being said, there are specific dosage instructions for water quantities that you will want to follow. Simply follow the directions and use the equipment included, the pipette and measuring cup, in order to provide your fish with the right dose of Interpet Anti-Fungus and Finrot. While this medication may not be all natural, it is safe and effective.

It is manmade medication, but it is totally safe for all of your fish and plants, plus it won’t adversely affect the filter either. Heck, Interpet Anti-Fungus and Finrot does not even cause any cloudiness or discoloration in the water either.

The bottom line is that if you notice that your fish have fin rot, mouth rot, or cotton mouth disease, you need to treat them right away, and one of the best ways to do so is with Interpet Anti-Fungus and Finrot. Beware that this medication is for freshwater fish only and not for saltwater tanks.


At any rate, if you notice that your fish are suffering from any of these bacterial or fungal infections, you want to treat them right away. Interpet Anti-Fungus and Finrot is a great single dose treatment option that is shown to be quick, effective, and to save lives.