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Lilaeopsis Brasiliensis (Brazilian Micro Sword): Care & Information

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Detailed and helpful information on the Lilaeopsis Brasiliensis OR Brazilian Micro Sword Plant, from care to general fact information.

Lilaeopsis Brasiliensis (Brazilian Micro Sword): Care & Information

The lilaeopsis brasiliensis is a plant that is often housed in freshwater aquariums and it is a pretty good choice for beginner and intermediate aquarium enthusiasts. This plant has a Rhizome structure, it is part of the Apiaceae family of plants, as well as part of the Lilaeopsis genus.

The Lilaeopsis Brasiliensis is native to South America, specifically from Brazil as the name would imply. This plant is actually also called the Brazilian Micro Sword and is commonly found in shallow streams and river basins with low water flow rates. You can buy this plant at Amazon here.

It can be found growing immersed as well as submersed in water. It is pretty easy to propagate this plant because all that needs to be done is to take the offshoots of this plant and then plant them in the same substrate.

This type of aquarium plant grows to be very dense in a few months and thus it is easy to create a lawn out of this plant by planting several of them in a checkerboard pattern. One of the problems with this particular plant is that it is very invasive and tends to grow into other plants. This means that if you have other plants growing in the fish tank you will need to prune the plant fairly often to keep it from overtaking the other plants.

This plant almost looks like grass that grows on a lawn and it has very thin leaves that are very elongated. The leaves are generally a light green color and do not grow very big. The plant can grow up to 6 centimeters or 2 inches in height.

This plant can be found in virtually every single pet store and fish nurseries. It is commonly bought as a beginner plant as is quite ideal as a foreground plant in virtually any aquarium. The plant is also ideal for beginners and for people who don’t want to do too much work because it has a fairly slow growth rate which means that it doesn’t need to be trimmed or maintained often.

One of the really great parts about this plant is that it does not take too much work to maintain or to make sure that it grows well. This plant only requires around 3 watts of light per gallon of water, which is considered a moderate light need.

This plant can also grow quite well without carbon dioxide supplementation, however it does grow better with increased lighting and some extra CO2. The light that this plant receives should also be unobstructed.

This type of plant will do just fine without any extra nutrients, but just like with most aquarium plants it does benefit from some extra nutrient supplementation. This plant will flourish if it is given regular nitrate, phosphate, potassium, and various other micronutrients.

Lilaeopsis brasiliensis is definitely a great choice for both larger and smaller fish tanks due to its size, and thanks to being very easy to keep alive it is also great for beginners.