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Red Sea no3 po4 x Review

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Our detailed Red Sea no3 po4 x review covers what this reducer does, the main benefits of using it and how it can help your coral flourish to it's full potential.

Red Sea no3 po4 x Review

Trying to grow corals or just maintaining a healthy aquarium can be quite a challenge indeed. This is especially true when you are trying to grow coral and there are too many chemicals and natural substances in the water, specifically nitrate and phosphate. These substances are definitely not wanted in your water when you are trying to grow coral.

Not only do these substances cause algae to grow, which is always a nuisance, but they stop coral from absorbing nutrients as they should, plus it makes it so that the full color of your corals doesn’t shine through.

At any rate, nitrate and phosphate are big problems in tanks when you want to grow coral. Luckily there are a few solutions and one of those is using a product like Red Sea Fish Pharm Reducer. We decided to do a detailed Red Sea no3 po4 x review to give you a detailed overview of the features and benefits offers (you can check the price and more info at Amazon here).

Our Red Sea no3 po4 x Review

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In case you did not already know, This product is designed to reduce or even eliminate the amount of phosphate and nitrate found in the water. The specific purpose of it is to help stop and kill algae growths, plus to help corals flourish in their natural conditions. Let’s take a closer look at Red Sea no3 po4 x to see what it is all about.

Features & Benefits

Let’s take a closer look at exactly what this stuff can do for you and your coral reef aquarium setup.

Helps Feed Corals For Health & Good Coloration

Red Sea Pharm Reducer is designed in order to help control Zooanthealle populations in corals. We aren’t going to go too deep into the science here, but Zooanthealle are necessary for the survival of corals. Too many or too few Zooanthealle are not good because they are needed to help provide energy and nutrients for coral.

This stuff controls the population of these things so that coral can absorb the right amount of energy and nourishment for survival. In other words, coral cannot produce enough food on its own to survive, which is why they require this symbiotic relationship with Zooanthealle, in order to feed them.

The point here is that Red Sea Reducer helps to increase and maintain a healthy Zooanthealle population in order to help your coral survive.

An Algae Killer

The other main benefit that you get from Red Sea no3 po4 x is that it helps to reduce the amounts of phosphate and nitrate in the water. Phospate and nitrate can both cause the excessive growth of algae in the water. Different types of algae like green, red, brown, and white algae all feed on these naturally occurring substances.

Well, these types of algae take up valuable oxygen and nutrients from the water which the corals need to survive. Red Sea no3 po4 x is designed to reduce the levels of phosphate and nitrogen, thus killing of nuisance algae and stopping new growth in its tracks. In fact, Red Sea Reducer is a fairly essential thing that should be used in any coral reef in order to maintain healthy corals and to stop algae from taking over the place.

Important Info

Red Sea no3 po4 x needs to be used in correlation with special phosphate and nitrate test kits. In other words, you need to know how much phosphate and how much nitrate is in the water before you can add this reducer to the tank.

You don’t want to add too much or too little because it can and will have adverse reactions in your coral reef. On that same note, you cannot use Red Sea Pharm Reducer in conjunction with other phosphate or nitrate removal treatments as adverse reactions may occur.


The bottom line is that a reducer like Read Sea Pharm is quite essential to the healthy growth and maintenance of your coral population. It helps them feed better, look better, and it gets rid of nuisance algae too.