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Seachem Flourite Black Sand Review

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Our Seachem Flourite Black Sand review takes a detailed look into what this substrate has to offer, we look at the main features, pros, cons and more to help you decide if it's the right sand for your tank.

Seachem Flourite Black Sand Review

There are certain things which every aquarium needs to have to be happy, healthy, and prosperous. These things include lighting, filtration, and among other things, the substrate. Every aquarium needs to have good substrate. This is especially true with planted aquariums with lots of plants that need to be sustained.

No, maintaining healthy plant life is not all that difficult, but plants to need good substrate. They need nutrients and they need somewhere to set their roots. Today we’re doing a Seachem Flourite Black Sand Review to tell you all about this cool and unique aquarium plant substrate (you can also check the price at Amazon here).

Our Seachem Flourite Black Sand Review

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Basides the nice visual appeal this substrate also has many features and benefits which it brings to any planted aquarium. Let’s talk about the main features which you get from Seachem Flourite Black Sand.


We have split the features part up to cover the main things that we felt was worth mentioning about this particular sand.

Good For Rooted Plants

One of the big benefits that you get from Seachem Flourite Black Sand is the fact that it provides rooted plants with a good base for creating a strong and healthy root system. After all, aquarium plants are often of the rooted variety, so they do need a good place to set their roots. Seachem's Black Sand has a good consistency and an even porosity. This means that roots can grow in this substrate fairly efficiently.

The porous nature of Seachem Flourite Black Sand means that water, nutrients, and other vital components can be easily delivered to the plant roots for quick and healthy growth. It is not so dense that roots can’t grow quickly, but also not so loose that roots will be able to move around. It’s a great option for plants that rely on a really strong root system.

Cool Color

What many people have noted about Seachem Flourite Black Sand is that it has a really nice color. The sand itself is a really deep and rich black color. At first, it might seem a little off-putting to put black sand in an aquarium, but it actually works well. The dark color helps to make bright plants and fish really pop out which is something we personally like.

Easy To Maintain

This sand is also easy to maintain. You can easily clean and syphon debris out of this sand with a good aquarium gravel syphon. It has a good consistency for maintenance without having to totally replace the sand every time.

Lots Of Nutrients

One of the best aspects of Seachem Flourite Black Sand is that it has loads of plant friendly nutrients. Plants need nutrients to grow strong and healthy. That is a fact. However, not all aquarium substrates have many nutrients. We are not going to get into listing the various nutrients here, but we can tell you that Seachem’s Flourite sand is very rich in all of the most important ones.

On average, this stuff has several times the amount of nutrients for plants as your average aquarium sand. It is also good for holding nutrients. Yes, nutrients in any substrate get used up, which means you need to add more liquid nutrients or fertilizer after a certain amount of time. This sand is great for absorbing and holding these nutrients for maximum efficiency and deliver to your plants.

Fish Like It Too

On a side note, fish don’t seem to mind this substrate either. Fish that like to dig and tunnel tend to get a real kick out of Seachem Flourite Black Sand.


  • Black makes fish and plants stand out.
  • Good consistency for maintenance.
  • Ideal for rooted plants.
  • Contains lots of nutrients.
  • Good at absorbing and holding nutrients.


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We hope our review helps you come closer to a conclusion in terms of which substrate you want for you tank. If you need substrate ideal for plants, this is definitely a prime option to keep in mind providing you like the colour effect. If you still need more suggestions then we have reviewed 6 more options on this article.