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Seachem The Bag Review

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Our Seachem The Bag review takes a detailed look into what this particular media bag has to offer. Size, quality and closure are always top of the priority list with media bags so let's take a look at how good this particular option is.

Seachem The Bag Review

Sometimes when you buy filter media it does not come in its own enclosure. Some types of media just cannot be put into a filtration tray without some kind of closure or surrounding apparatus. Some types of chemical, mechanical, and biological filter media need to be put in some kind of mesh bag in order to keep them together and to keep them functional.

Today we are here to do a Seachem The Bag review to see what it offers in terms of features, how durable it is and if it’s a good viable option for your aquarium (you can check the price and more info at Amazon here).

Our Seachem The Bag Review

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This is a fairly standard filter media bag that can be used for a variety of media types and filters too. That being said, this is hailed as being one of the best filter media bags out there. Lets take a closer look into the features;.


The Seachem The Bag Filter Media Bag has welded seams as opposed to many other bags that have stitched seams. This makes the seams about as durable as can be. They won’t rip, break, or come apart no matter what you do.

Durability is a feature that these bags definitely have, which is thanks to the 180 micron mesh which they are made of. Just to be clear, each package comes with 2 separate Seachem The Bag Filter Media Bags. Also, these things are highly resistant to bleaches, caustics, and acids too.

Seachem Media Bags can be used for both saltwater and freshwater tanks.


What is pretty neat is that these Filter Media Bags come with a reseal-able locking closure. This is pretty convenient because it ensures that your filter media stays in place, does not move around, and does not leak out. All you need to do is press the closure shut, much like a Ziploc bag.


You can put virtually any kind of filter media in them. As long as the media fits in the bag, and as long as the bag fits into the filter compartment. So you know the size, the Seachem Media Bags are 5 x 10 inches each, so they are only ideal for fairly large filtration units.


  • Easy & Secure closure.
  • Very durable.
  • Welded seams .
  • Good for large filters.
  • Can be used for freshwater and saltwater aquariums.


  • Very stiff.

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If you are tired of lackluster media bags, then it’s probably worth considering Seachems Filter Media Bags. They are durable, useful, and versatile too.