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Twinstar Nano Review: Aquarium Algae Control Made Easy

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The Twinstar nano supposedly inhibits algae growth while promoting faster plant growth. Let's take a look at the shameless promise it makes: stopping algae.

Twinstar Nano Review: Aquarium Algae Control Made Easy

The Twinstar nano supposedly inhibits algae growth while promoting faster plant growth. Let's take a look at the shameless promise it makes: stopping algae.

The TwinStar Nano has had an interesting debut in the Aquascaping world: some hate it, yet some love it. So what's the deal with this little gadget? How does it work? Is it a critical aspect for the beginner Aquascaper, or a fluff product that doesn't do what it says on the tin? Let's find out.

TwinStar Nano: The Benefits

Here's what the manufacturer says about the Nano:

[On Inhibiting Algae] TwinStar inhibits green algae effectively without a harmful influence on aquarium ecological environment, and keeps aquarium clean by eliminating spores from the initial propagation.
[On Promoting Plant Growth] TwinStar promotes plants growth up to 50% at the most. It increases the amount of light on the surface of plants by inhibiting algae from the beginning. Also it activates microelements in water to help to take nourishment. Under the same conditions, the results of comparative test with Rotala Indica and Glossostigma said that Glossostigma got growth upto 50% and Rotala Indica was up to 40%.

Forgiving the grammar & spelling issues (English is a very hard language), the product is said to be effective at few a critical things that are vital to aquascaping:

  1. Slowing Algae Growth — By killing the algae spores floating in the water column, the TwinStar Nano prevents the spread of algae outbreaks, which is a big issue that frustrates most beginner aquascapers.
  2. Promoting Plant Growth — By reducing algae growth, it frees nutrients in the water column for plants to use. It also removes the coating from many fertilizers and microelements in the water, allowing them to be used immediately by plants.

If this is true, it's perfect for Aquascaping. Removing algae and clearing the water column makes for crystal-clear water and great photos. Promoting plant growth is a great benefit for beginners that desire an immediate result in their first aquascapes. They'll probably reconsider once they're trimming their carpet every other day!

This is a great product for Aquascapers that don't have the time to tweak every parameter just right to get rid of algae & boost plant growth. Essentially, it's an easy-mode for the rest of us hobby Aquascapers.

The Results

When we used the TwinStar Nano in our tank tests, we found some interesting results: It had a visible reduction in the appearance of green algae in the tanks. While it didn't get rid of our Black Beard Algae, it did get rid of the green dust algae, a common cause of hazy, green water.

Here's what others have found while testing the TwinStar Nano:

Review of TwinStar Nano Algae Control

TwinStar Testing

The tanks were left to their own devices for 30 days. The above photo was at 24 days, and clearly shows the growth of various types of algae present in the tank without the TwinStar Nano. Both were treated equally in all other aspects. Protein Skimmers are also great for cleaning your tank, more on them here.

Forum Testing

In various forums, many Aquascapers have found that, while the sticker shock may be jarring, it's worth the cost for Beginner Aquascapers. It removes the barrier of algae takeovers, and slows the outbreaks down to a beginner-manageable level.

How it Works

This has been a point of debate ever since it's been released. (The poor explanation on the official site didn't help much, either.) Based on our testing, and the science behind how algae works, here's how the TwinStar Nano produces results:

  1. Algae reproduce by using spores spread via the flow of water.
  2. The TwinStar Nano maintains an optimal ORP in the water.
  3. The ORP of the water pulls apart the electrons from cells in the spore.
  4. The spore's cells are no longer stable, and they immediately die.

There's more science to the process, but that's the simple version of how the TwinStar Nano operates in aquariums. If you're interested in reading about the science behind why the TwinStar works, read this PDF.


The pricing of the TwinStar Nano is a little surprising, but considering the drastically visible effects, and the experience from other Aquascapers, it's a solid buy for most beginners that don't want the hassle of daily water parameter management, as well as Veterans with many tanks to watch over, and don't have the time maintain each effectively.

If you have any questions or comments, leave a comment and we'll be glad to answer and help where we can! Thanks for reading!