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What Fish Can Live With Goldfish? Tank Mate Guide

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We cover what fish can live with goldfish, 7 popular housing suggestions, requirements and most importantly what tank mates you need to avoid and why.

What Fish Can Live With Goldfish? Tank Mate Guide

The problem when housing multiple fish in the same aquarium is that they may not get along or may not be able to survive in the same water parameters. So, what fish can live with a goldfish? Let’s talk about some of the best tank mates for your goldfish.

Goldfish are really great creatures to have because they are easy to take care of, fun to watch, and the whole aquarium thing is quite relaxing too. Even though goldfish are cool to have around, you may want to branch out a little bit and have some other fish too but what are the best tank mate options? let's first look at some of the Goldfish requirements and then move onto 7 popular housing mates for Goldfish.

The Water Requirements For A Goldfish

The key thing to note when choosing a tank mate for your goldfish is to get other fish that have about the same requirements. After all, you can’t house fish together that have different water requirements because some of them won’t survive.

That being said, a goldfish is a fresh water fish, which means that you will not be able to house any kind of salt water fish with them. Moreover, goldfish require the water temperature to be between 65 and 75 degrees Fahrenheit or 18 and 24 degrees Celsius, which means that fish that need warmer water will not be compatible tank mates with a goldfish.

Goldfish also require the pH level in the water to be between 7 and 8, which means that the tank mate or mates you choose also need to be able to survive in water of the same acidity. (if you need to lower your pH level then this post will help you).

You might also want to check out our goldfish guide here, it covers literally everything you need to know to look after a goldfish.

7 Popular GoldFish Tank Mates

1. Goldfish

The number one most obvious and best tank mate for one goldfish is another goldfish, or really any amount for that matter. As long as all of the goldfish in the tank are of roughly the same size, they should have no trouble getting along. Keep in mind that goldfish are omnivorous creatures and they are somewhat predatory, which means that they will eat smaller fish if they get hungry enough.

This means that you can’t put a very small goldfish in the tank with a large goldfish, because the larger one will most likely eat the smaller one. Other than that you really don’t have to worry about anything. Goldfish eat the same things and have common water parameter requirements, thus making the goldfish a perfect tank mate for other goldfish.

2. Loaches

Loaches are often called Dojo Loaches or Weather Loaches. These make for good tank mates for goldfish because they are quite peaceful and non-territorial, nor are the very predatory. Loaches are fairly small so they won’t pose a threat to goldfish.

Just beware that very small loaches will be eaten by big goldfish, so just make sure that you don’t have any huge goldfish that could swallow a loach in one bite. Loaches should be kept in groups of three at the minimum, something that keeps them happy and also stops them from being eaten by large goldfish.

These make for great tank mates for goldfish because they are also cold water fish, plus they need the same water hardness and acidity levels too. One thing to keep in mind is that loaches like to burrow in the substrate so some gravel or sand for the substrate is good to have.

3. Zebra Danios

The Zebra Danio is a type of minnow. These make for pretty good tank mates for goldfish because they can handle the same water temperature and water parameters as goldfish. Moreover, while these guys are pretty small, they are more or less too fast for a goldfish to be able to catch and eat, so there is no issue of the goldfish eating them. Other than that there is no problem when it comes to housing goldfish and Zebra Danios (we have covered breeding on a separate article here).

4. White Cloud Mountain Minnows

These fish make for good tank mate option due to their high level of resistance to water parameter changes. These fish can do very well in extremely cold water, and anywhere between 45 and 75 degrees Fahrenheit will work fine for these guys. These things can eat virtually the same food as goldfish, they can survive in the same water, and they are not aggressive either.

White Cloud Mountain Minnows are fairly small, so make sure that you get a few of them, and make sure that you don’t house them with goldfish that are much bigger than them, or the goldfish may eat the minnows.

5. Rubbernose Or Bristlenose Plecos

These little bottom dwelling sucker fish also make for good tank mates. Once again, you can feed them virtually the same food as a goldfish, they do fine in the same water temperatures as goldfish, and Rubbernose or Bristlenose Plecos also do fine in the same water parameters as goldfish.

One thing to keep in mind is that you cannot house a goldfish with a common Pleco as they may actually suck the slime coating right off of the goldfish, something that can be deadly to a goldfish.

6. Rosy Barbs

These are some other great tank mates for the goldfish to consider. Rosy Barbs are not at all aggressive so they won’t attack your goldfish. On the other hand, they can grow to 6 inches in length, thus making them too big for a goldfish to consider eating.

Moreover, they can handle the same water temperature and parameters as goldfish, which means that they will have no trouble living in the same water. Moreover, you can also feed them more or less the same foods, with some slight tweaks here and there (we have covered a separate post on the best Goldfish food and other feeding information).

7. Fresh Water Snails

Freshwater snails make for great goldfish tank mates. (here is a detailed guide on everything you need to know about Freshwater aquarium snails). They have a hard shell so your goldfish won’t eat them and they can survive in the same water as goldfish just fine. Moreover, snails do a great job at cleaning fish tanks so that is always a bonus.

Some Fish To Avoid Housing With Goldfish

As a general rule, you don’t want to house large carnivorous fish with goldfish as the large fish will most likely eat the goldfish. The same goes for the other direction. You can’t house very slow and small fish with goldfish because the goldfish will most likely eat the small slow movers. Things like ghost shrimp will also most likely be eaten by goldfish.


As long as you follow the instructions we have provided you with, you should have no problems housing other tank mates with your goldfish. Just make sure to not get anything too big that will eat your goldfish and nothing too slow and small that will be eaten by them. Also, as long as they can survive in the same water parameters, there should be no problem at all.